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    Do you volunteer?

    created by jdunlap 133 days 2 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you volunteer?

    Do you volunteer or have you volunteered in the past?

    What is your favorite memory for volunteering?

    I am fortunate to have a job with a company that stresses giving back and volunteering. They promote it and support it both.

    I have organized a group of team members from work and I always get my kids involved to "Paint the Town" or "Rake up the Town."

    These are two very big organizations around our area and really easy to get a group together. We even clean up the river and green belt along the river.

    I work with high school students and a couple local colleges a few times a year on creating resumes as well as mock interviewing. My go to question for all of them is when was the last time you volunteered? and what did you do?

    If someone is passionate about something their eyes will light up and you really get to know them well from a volunteer story. The sad part is the majority of the kids I've worked with just haven't done it. I then challenge them to find something to be able to add to their resume for next time.

    If you think about it, most of these kids don't have a job or many jobs to fill up a complete single page resume so they are filling it up with what type of classes they taken. Employers want to see a more well rounded individual that is willing to give.

    It's a great feeling when I run into these kids later in life and they tell me thank you for the challenge and that was the ticket to getting into a program or job.

    Makes everyone feel good.

    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Hey jDunlap and all!

    I do volunteer work, mostly in the spring, summer and fall time frames with an organization here called "Riverside Gardens." They are a community based project to help feed the needy in our area. It is a HUGE garden complex and every sort of vegetable and fruit tree we can grow here in the north country. Some of the proceeds are sold in a club that people join. That's how they get their money to keep the organization going. Half of the garden is given to the needy at food banks and/or shelters in this area. It is a massive food venue for these organizations.

    I love doing the seeding and then watching the plants grown from that miniscule seed to a food bounty. It's amazing how Mother Nature does this.

    It's nice to be able to give back. Some of the local high school require students to put in some hours at this garden before they graduate to give them an idea of charity work.

    Also I have crocheted afghan blankets for an organization that helps cancer patients in this state. They really appreciated that special gift. That's a lot of fun, too.

    It's a good thing!


    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Yes I did.

    I have volunteered for blood donation camps many times. I have been a donor as well as helped other donors with food and extra attention once I've rested.

    I have also been in the National Cadet Corps and volunteered for disaster relief camps where the fondest memory is of distributing food parcels to people hit by floods and also to have rescued a dying dog and taking it to the vet.

    I have also volunteered for cleanup camps like coastal cleanup.

    Yes I do this a lot. Recently I volunteered at a career workshop and helped organizing interviews for the various companies.

    Agree. "Makes everyone feel good."

    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Great forum!

    Sometimes the hardest part is to give back by spending time. For me, it means more than just supporting financially. One of my professors had our final exam requirement fulfilled by cleaning up the riverside.

    I've also volunteered for FoodLink, an organization which collects and distributes food for the hungry. It felt so rewarding to give back and a good way to spend time with family.


    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Hi there jdunlap! :)

    In high school I used to volunteer weekly at a hospital and it was by far my favorite volunteering experience.

    I only worked at the information desk so I did not have as much of contact with the patients as I'd like, but it was still a really good and humbling experience for me. I really love human interaction and I enjoyed being able to help others. Honestly it gave ma purpose in life other than just going to school. It gave me a way to give back to the community and really feel like I was making a difference in someone else's life. Since I was at an information desk there was a lot of variety as to what I could do, so there was always something to do no matter what.

    I remember one day an older lady came up to my booth asking if I could get security for her. She said there was a man being very disrespectful and threatening to several other elderly people in the pharmacy, and she managed to get away and come get me. I unfortunately was quite new and did not know the number to reach the security office, but I did know where it was located. So I told the lady to hang tight and wait until an officer came to get her so she could point out to him who the culprit was. I then proceeded to sprint all the way to the security office on the other side of the building, and I knocked on the security door's office panting and sweating. They all started laughing at me and were probably thinking "what a weirdo", and after I told them the situation none of them reacted the way I expected them to. I expected them to be shocked and jump right into action, but instead one of the officers slowly got up, stretched, and proceeded to walk veeeery slowly to the pharmacy. I suppose I realize now that these situations are very common for them so they're not as affected by them as me. But I will never forget this experience and how thankful and kind the lady was. She even thanked me for taking her seriously and deciding to sprint all the way to the other side. She told me I could have easily made her walk all the way to the security office, but I reminded her I was there to help, and I would take any action I could to help everyone to the best extent I could. I left volunteering that day with a super big smile on my face.

    I also got to wear a cool uniform with an official ID badge, so I felt pretty important and special haha. And it doesn't hurt either that I got free meals every time I volunteered as well.

    Much love,

    Re: Do you volunteer?

    I do volunteer when I can. I honestly miss out on a number of opportunities because I don't hear about them until after the fact. Is there a website out there that lists different volunteering opportunities. I truly think more people would get out and get involved if they knew what was going on.

    Aside from organized volunteerism, I try to do as much as I can for others. Getting someone's car unstuck, helping an elderly neighbor bring in groceries. Anytime I see the chance to help someone, I try to do it. I truly believe that what goes around comes around and I may need the help someday.

    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Hey there!

    I volunteer every Sunday at my church. I'm a technician so I help out with presentation and sound during service. I've been involved with the tech team since 2012 and I still love lending a hand every Sunday. Sometimes I consider volunteering in other parts of the church but running tech has always been my calling.

    When I'm not doing volunteer work at church, my second favorite place to go is Harvester's. At Harvester's there's an assembly line of volunteers who help put together meal bags for children that often go hungry. It's a great program and I always find that I enjoy my time there even when the warehouses get cold.

    I hope that once I'm in college I can find new places to put volunteer hours into and help out my community as much as I can.

    Thanks for reading


    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Hey Jdunlap,

    Great question !! yes I think I used to volunteer alot. Couple of major volunteering experiences were in couple of years ago,

    I volunteered in a charity organisation that was based in a secondary school setting to provide emotional and social support to young people. At the time I was doing my graduate studies in psychotherapy and so it helped with my studies as well. It was truly remarkable. I was able to just be there for the young people. I used to play with them and listen to their stories and problems.

    The other volunteering experience was with a church. I was part of a team that helped people those who required social and emotional support. Again it was more of less like the previously mentioned experience. But this was with adults. I actually volunteered with them (5-8 hrs per week) for about 4 years. It was really a great experience.

    Thanks for the question.

    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Hi everyone,

    I used to volunteer for St Luke's hospital when I was younger. I even volunteer at a nursing home at one point when I was looking for a job and the only war to gain experience was to volunteer. The best volunteering job that I did and actually like it was to work on Thanks giving day the downtown shelter. We cook so much food and serve the people all day long. It was the best experience ever , serving people and seeing them smile is truly a blessing. Have a wonderful day.

    Re: Do you volunteer?

    Hey Jdunlap!

    Thanks for your question!

    I used to volunteer quite often but a lot of that has dwindled away when I started working full time + extra call every 3 weeks. I used to help my church out for a lot of activities without pay...i was the youth secretary and help organize picnics, volunteering activities for our youth, lead worship in church (3 hours of practicing a week minimum), and engaging in the youth committee. It was a lot of time commitment which is why I was only able to help out for a few years.

    Other than that I used to volunteer at the local Veterans Hospital (VA) every summer for about 2 or 3 summers. We would spend at least 8 hours there filing paperwork, selling popcorn, doing any odd jobs that the people there needed and generally having fun. This was one of my most favorite places to volunteer and I have a lot of good memories with my friends there.

    I have also volunteered at the local food bank on numerous occasions with different organizations, and also helped build/paint houses for the less fortunate in my state.

    I must say that my most favorite volunteering opportunity was when in my undergrad when we went to clean out the garden of a chiropractic clinic. All of my close friends happened to be with me and at the end of the day, they taught us how to do "laughter therapy yoga" as payment for our hard work. It was a lot of fun and we were laughing our heads off about how ridiculous we looked.

    Thanks for your question! It brought back a lot of fond memories...
    Warm Regards,

    Re: Do you volunteer?

    I love volunteering! My fav memory is how thankful everyone is, even the other volunteers. It's such an amazing feeling giving back. I love to volunteer at soup kitchens especially in the winter when everyone could use a nice hot meal.