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    New Year

    created by Shayreese2012 137 days 7 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: World

    New Year

    Hey Guys
    It has been a longgg time since i posted. The ending of last year was rough. I had two deaths in my family within a month of each other, One was my 25 year old cousin and that just tore me up. Due to funds being short I'm not able to go to school this semester. so i will be graduating in December instead of May. And my car. I need a new windshield, battery and 4 new tires so it was rough. But its a new year, fresh start what are some of your new year resolutions? This question may have been asked already lol.
    Mine is to loose my stomach by feb (dirty 30 in Feb), Apply for as many scholarships as i can. Pay off my car. pay off my Credit cards. Get a full time Job and and a house.
    Whats some of yours

    Re: New Year

    Hey Shayreese!

    Welcome back. I am so sorry to hear of the painful losses you have been going through. My sympathy to you. Take one day at a time and don't look too far ahead of things.

    Here on CollegeNet you can get help with paying for school. Keep submitting questions and work on the forums daily. The tuition help will come your way. Keep at it.

    As for your resolutions, you are taking on a lot this year. It's wonderful that you want to resolve all of those issues, just keep in mind that you can take more than this year to do these in. Don't overwhelm yourself. I like the lose weight one. That's popular and I will be doing that, too. I gained a little weight over Christmas and I would like to lose this by spring and will do this in healthy ways. We have a gym on campus I can use. Some treadmill exercise will do me good for weight loss and for stress relief. It's all free, too!

    Again, I am sorry to hear about your family's pain. Take one day at a time and enjoy life.

    Take care,


    Re: New Year

    Sup Chayreese

    I'm sorry to hear you're in a rough situation, and I hope you get lots of scholarships.

    This year, I had a loose collection of goals, and I really need to write them all down.

    The first goal is to write down all of my new years goals. I definitely forgot all of them from last year.

    My second goal is to go to the gym and GAIN 15 pounds. I am really too skinny to be a firefighter. I need to put on some muscles!

    My Third goal is to stop slouching. I am a terrible sloucher when I get lazy and tired, and I really need to fix that while I am still young. It's so much harder to fix your body when you get older.

    My fourth goal is to get a new vehicle. I drive a beat up toyota camry, and I can't sit up straight in it. I am 6' 1 1/2", and the ceiling in my car is about 2 inches too short. I honestly think I might break my neck If I ever got into a car accident.

    My final goal is to become more flexible. Flexibility is something I have been lacking for a long time, and If I work-out without stretching, It will only get worse. My old P.E. teacher taught me the importance of stretching by demonstrating that he neglected to stretch for years, and he can no longer touch his shoulders by bending his arm. He is about 2 inches away.

    Thanks for the post, and I hope your year goes awesome this year!

    Re: New Year

    Hi Shayreese!

    I am so sorry for your painful losses and the unfortunate situation you are in right now.
    I wish the best for you, and am sending prayers and lots of love your way. I hope this year will be a much better year for you, and that collegenet will be able to make your life a little bit easier.
    I also wish you luck with all your new years resolutions! I know you're not asking for advice but I was able to lose 10 pounds in about two weeks, and all I did was make each meal healthier, and run 5+ miles everyday. Your diet is really the most important factor in how much weight you lose, and running is one of the best exercises to lose calories. My new years resolutions are just to be happier, and to get my GPA up again.

    Much love,

    Re: New Year

    thanks you guys it has been really rough. I still cry about my cousin, but you know everything will be ok. Im trying hard to loose my stomach and to just be a better me.