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    Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

    challenge posed by Kate Freeman 139 days 16 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: World
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    Re: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

    Great question.

    I drink the filtered water from my refrigerator so I fill my dogs water dish up with the filtered water too. They also get nice treats and fancy food.

    I enjoy going on nature drives in Idaho and seeing so many wild animals. I have seen more than I'd like to list, I can't imagine shooting one or trapping one just so you can hang it on your wall.

    My husband is vegan and is slowly turning me into one as well. I never thought I would be able to give up meat, but the more documentaries being made showing me what happens to the animals is just frightening me. I find myself in the vegetarian aisle all the time buying amazingly great tasting foods. Plus my husbands meals he prepares are fantastic.

    This allows us to love more animals and eat what grows from the dirt.

    Pets are family too!

    Re: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

    There are many different opinions on this matter, however mine is that we(animals and humans) are all equal and should be treated as such. I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for animals. It was brought up earlier that we are all (in a way) dependent on each other to survive. Do animals have souls? I believe so, however we are unable to communicate in ways that we are able to truly understand animals. In the situation with the four year old and the gorilla, it is unfortunate that he was shot for this accident. I think that was unfair and certainly could have been handled differently. I'm sure it comes down to politics, future business and future guests feeling safe.
    In my opinion ALL life matters.

    Re: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

    This is such a touchy subject.

    But why? Life matters. Life is valuable. Live laugh love. At least that's what I have written above my kid's mirror in their bathroom.

    We have two dogs and two kids. Each night the dogs pick a room to sleep in. It's pretty funny because you would think the dogs are creatures of habit and would choose the same room each night but it's not that way here. Not sure why.
    I do know that during the day while the kids are in school the dogs prefer to be in my son's room.
    Most nights though one dog is with me and the other is with my daughter.
    If you ask my family our dogs are part of the family just like the two legged friends.
    I don't feel like I should choose who is more valuable. I choose love for all.