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    what makes you smile

    created by Ivette 4320 days 6 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Re: what makes you smile

    getting a text message from my boo...

    Re: what makes you smile

    Being outside and feeling the air and sunshine on my cheeks makes me smile...

    Seeing people playing with their kids (passing a baseball or something)


    the ocean

    people in love

    being in love

    Re: what makes you smile

    thanks for posting on my forum

    Re: what makes you smile

    Lots of things make me smile!
    When people give me hugs I smile, when I hear music, when people are funny. I am CONSTANTLY laughing! No matter what the case, but I'm always smiling as well. Im just a smily person!

    : D

    Re: what makes you smile

    well yesterday was my birthday and therefore i got more to write about here...

    i'm glad that my friends from high school came to my house for a little while. and we had some cake. birthdays after high school aprantly are a lot different from those in high school. and my friends coming over made me smile...

    what else made me smile yesterday. my little baby ley. i got to see her yesterday and i cannot believe she has gotten so big already. i love her to death... and she is getting smarter each day...

    something that made me smile was having my family and my boyfriend all have breakfast together like a family.
    that was nice (for me atleast)


    Re: what makes you smile

    Good old fashion humor makes me smile! Humanity has such a huge capacity for good and evil - we see illustrations of both on a daily basis. Most of us strive to be good, do good, and see the good in life. To me, one of the best ways to do this is by humor. We all have a sense of humor - it may vary from person to person, but we ALL think SOMEthing is funny. This makes me smile - daily. One of my life's pleasures is humor. Without it, I do not feel I would be half the person I am - this in itself makes me smile. :)

    Re: what makes you smile

    Well, what makes me smile are the simple good old times my family and I use to have just being around each other, reading my text messages over and over again from my bf, my siblings and how silly we are no matter the stress and pain we go through, and of course friends.

    Re: what makes you smile

    talking to my friends always makes me feel better
    if somethinq is wrong and i love giving them advice
    if they need it. Texting them always makes me smile. =)

    I love actually getting along with my brother.
    I know we may fuss and fight 90% of the time
    but when he says he loves me its great.
    I feel like im doing my job as a big sister.

    I also love having my cat to keep me company.
    I dont know what my room would be like without her.

    Re: what makes you smile

    my dog
    a good rainy day
    my mom my dad
    my grandparents
    hearing good news
    my girlfriend
    knowing i have a job

    Re: what makes you smile

    giong to the zoo
    dinner time
    getting a good grade
    watching a good movie
    going camping
    knowing my homework is done

    Re: what makes you smile

    Life itself makes me smile. Just being able to get up and thank God for letting me have another day here on Earth, giving me another chance to make a difference in someone's life. It's a wonderful feeling.

    A little more personal...first and foremost, my children and granddaughter, family, friends, and those people that have made an impact me when I needed it most.

    Thank each and every one of you who have made that difference and hopefully I've made a positive impact in your life somewhere along the line.


    Re: what makes you smile

    There was a time when I didn't really have a "smile," a physical smile to smile at someone, and a friend of mine saw that smile and said, "No no, Josh, that's not your real smile." He told me to achieve my "real smile" by thinking of something naughty. I laughed. But most of all, I smiled for real. Thanks Jack.

    Re: what makes you smile

    Hearing my son laugh! It just melts my heart..or waikin up to my sons version of "good morning mom" which coming from a 1year old sounds something like this "amo-i mom" lol. I love him!..

    another little thing for me is hearing my fav song on the radio. I love music..any type..any culture. So drivin to work in the morning, turning on the radio and hear them play a song u just love and singing ur heart out 2 it! That makes me smile!..and then I laugh when people look at me like Im weird! lol

    Re: what makes you smile

    Children make me smile. Its the excitement they get about the little things in life that most of us have overlooked. Its the, mostly, pure love that they give. Its the way that they make you feel important when you walk through he door and they scream your name! They are genuine; genuinely excited to see you, genuinely loving, and the are genuine with who they are. They are one of the great examples of how to love like Christ.

    Re: what makes you smile

    okay so two years and 2 days later.

    what makes me smile?

    1. Babies
    2. My family
    3. The day Obama won the election :D
    4. getting home from school
    5. disneyland
    6. rain (it is raining right now in Los Angeles so i am so happy)
    7. food

    Re: what makes you smile

    It don't take much to make me smile :)
    I will put some that I can think of at the moment LOL
    1) some one that smiles at me
    2) a silly joke
    3) when someone does the simplist thing like give me a heart they drew and colored or gets me my favorite drink or treat when I am sick.It can be from an adult of something made and look like a 3 year old done it(no offence sorry)and trust me I'd enjoy it just knowing they thought of me to do that.
    4) the scent of Vanilla or almost any Vanilla flavor
    5) seeing other people happy just in general
    6) something funny
    7) the silly kids at chuch E cheese
    8) when God interfers in a good way and does amazing miracles or even the smallest things he does for us,you and me
    9) the love all around
    10) my family and friends
    ----there are soooo many things and people or nouns that make me smile.I love good pictures and pretty nature veiws and the beach and the sound of the waves.I smile at romance in real life and on t.v...more of the romance that is on tv like the little things like on the Notebook when he danced with her with no music in the street was soo cute.More of like the older days sweetest little thoughts of Romance in real life and I can't stop naming all the things that make me smile in life.....I should b4 I run out of my limit on my characters on here though...huh? lol one more thing..Even through the hard times in life I know to make it out will get me to become a better person from the troubles.I cant explain it well on here sorry

    Re: what makes you smile

    Smells are one thing that can just make me stop in my tracks and turn any bad mood into bliss.....
    -fresh brewed coffee (even though I don;t like to drink it at all)

    - Nag Champa- my favorite incense ever

    - fresh cut grass

    - rain. I love the smell of rain coming

    - fresh, warm laundry.... mmmm, so cozy.

    - roses. pretty girly, but I don't care.

    A few other things that make me smile....

    It makes me feel like a total success if I can make a complete stranger smile, especially without saying a word. I also love to help anyone in any way I can. I love just staring at my children. They are so beautiful, and just staring at them brings tears of joy to my eyes, literally. I love them more than anything in the entire universe.

    I love to know that I made someone, somehow, feel better about something.

    Hearing one of my MANY favorite songs out of nowhere. Makes my day 293.5% better, no matter what.

    SOOOOOO many more things....

    Re: what makes you smile


    It is pouring in Los Angeles right now, and I could not be any happier..

    Oct. 13 2009 first rain of the season. (personal note)

    Re: what makes you smile

    *My fiance makes me smile:)..He is so amazing..I absolutly do not know what I would do without him.

    *Money makes me smile, it allows me to do things..

    *My younger sisters make me smile.


    *The Food Channal

    And many other things Im sure..

    Re: what makes you smile

    Really tough looking men walking on the streets while licking ice cream.

    Awww that really makes me smile /beams