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    Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    created by Maria isabel 7 days 12 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    I'm new to this website and its my first time doing this. My teachers encourage me to do this and well lets see how it goes.
    Anyways , what do ya'll think on studying or do homework in the morning or night ? is it better to get up early in the morning and study , or just study at night ?
    Which one is better to do ? Do you get to do more learning at night or morning ?
    How do you plan on studying and knowing what time do you prefer on studying homework or projects ?
    Do you remember more on your notes in the morning or the night ? How can u remember them from the next day and expect to pass the exam. homework, projects etc..

    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?


    My study routine always starts in the morning. I kinda have to study in the morning before class and when I don’t have class because I work in the evening. By the time I get home I’m tired and I just want to go to bed. I have a good memory so I don’t really struggle much on remembering the information in my notes. I always plan certain days and times I’m going to study or do assignments because my schedule can get pretty busy.


    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    Aloha Maria Isabel and welcome to the CNET family! I hope you'll like it here. I do!

    I love studying in the evening, and preferably with a deadline coming up. It's just how I work best. Sometimes I've tried to study in the mornings, but I never remember what I've read, so evenings it is.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    - Marte

    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    Hey there,

    I do better when I study in the morning or early day because I am wide awake and have more energy to retain more information. At night I am too tired and know I won’t remeber anything I just read.


    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    Hey there and welcome to C-net,

    First off, let me say this is a wonderful site and hopefully you will stick around. It has helped me out so far and has helped out many.

    Anyways, I'm not in college anymore but when I was, I would actually study both at night and in the morning. I would also study throughout the day especially if I had an exam later that day. I am a mother to a 3 year old (almost 4) so sometimes it would just be whenever I could find the time to do so. There was some exams I am glad I did study at night as in the morning I could just go over what I wasn't too familiar with or knew the least.

    My best advice for exams though, try to look over notes after class and highlight anything important. If you make flashcards, try to do so soon after that day's lesson. And closer to exam time don't wait until the day before to do massive studying. There were some exams that I would have failed if I only waited until the exam. I had a business class that had a huge final and you pretty much needed to know everything you learned in the class. I think most people studied a lot for it because the final was pretty much an in-case case study similar to ones we had to do for class. And they normally were at least 10 pages to around 20.

    Hopefully I'll see you around more. Have a nice day!


    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    Welcome Maria,

    I prefer to study in the morning. I am more motivated in the morning and I function better too. At night I get too distracted and tired to absorb any material. I can do homework at night, but even then it takes a little longer than I would like. Plus, I like waking up earlier and getting the day started sooner. I am not really a fan of staying up late, plus it tends to make me drive during daylight and that makes my insurance company happy so that's a plus.

    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    Hey M,

    I can't choose between morning and night because I'm always too tired at those times. I prefer studying midday because it's more productive.


    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?


    For me, studying in the morning doesn't work very well. I'm usually too tired to focus on what I'm looking at and I don't retain the information. However, it also isn't the best to study late at night either. I usually do study at night though, but I do retain information, so studying at night works best for me. I also study throughout the day. I spread out my time on subjects and also give myself time for breaks and eating (of course).


    Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

    It is better to study at night. If you study at night you are more than likely to remember more and also review more. In the morning you would be cramming stuff you are trying to memorize and your will forget.