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    Family in prison?

    created by iKasey 7 days 16 hours 19 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Family in prison?

    Good morning!

    According to a new study from Cornell University, nearly half of adults have had an immediate family member go to jail or prison for at least one night. 1 in 7 have had a family member behind bars for at least a year. That seemed rather high to me until I realized that I was thinking burglaries, rapes, and murders and not including protests, immigration law violations and other minor offenses. Even taking that into account, it still seems high to me. I must lead a sheltered life. I do not know of anyone in my family who has been in jail for at least one night.

    How about you? Do you believe the study? Do you know of anyone in your family who has spent at least one night in jail/prison?

    Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday!


    Re: Family in prison?

    Good morning Kasey!

    First I am sorry I didn't catch up with you the other day. I hope your move from your dorm went well! I hope you aced your exams too! Are you excited about your new endeavors? I am sorry to hear that there have been some glitches with your mid year transfer but I am sure everything is going to turn out just fine! Keep us posted!

    This study from Cornell....woah. That number seems really high. I wonder if they count DUI's in there? If that is the case, maybe then I could see the numbers supporting their claim. Otherwise, no, I am not sure I believe the stats! I can say that when my grandpa remarried, his new wife had 5 children. 2 of the five were in was for possession of marijuana. He was young and stupid. The other is a complete mess. He's been in and out for grand theft and burglary. He got out and then stole my grandpa's car! So, he ended up back in jail My grandpa passed away about 10 years ago and when that happened his wife stopped associating with us. It's OK, we were never close anyway with her kids. I never knew them. I just heard about them.

    Thanks for the forum.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Family in prison?

    I believe it. At first I thought "NO WAY!" but like you I was originally thinking about the major crimes...and then I remembered my siblings got arrested for trespassing and my parents had to bail them out of jail...

    Re: Family in prison?

    I believe this. I think that whether or not this seems real may depend on where you are from and what socioeconomic demographic you belong to. My family is from the lower class and the town I grew up in was pretty poor and at the high school I went to it was not uncommon for kids to go to prison instead of college. Many people in my family have spent nights (or longer) in jail, for things like DUI, fighting, marijuana possession, domestic violence, etc. I also live in a place where some people have called certain neighborhoods "million dollar blocks" because there are so many people from one block in jail (usually for drug possession) that the state/federal governments are spending millions of dollars per year just to keep people from ONE BLOCK in jail per year. The article was interesting because it made some interesting predictions about what it would be like if that money was spent on community development or education instead. I hope that decriminalization of drugs stems this tide because I know from personal experience that incarceration is hard on families and especially children.

    I also think that that number sounds accurate, especially if you think about the opioid addiction crisis. I don't know the numbers for how many people have been put in jail, but I know that in less then 18 years, over a quarter million people have died from overdoses. That means the number of people addicted to heroin must be like 10 times that, and then there are all the peripheral crimes committed that are indirectly related to the drug use. Also, here is a link to one of the studies I've read:

    Thanks for the thought provoking forum and have a great day!

    Re: Family in prison?

    Aloha Kasey,

    Yes I completely believe this statistic- we have so many people in jail in the United States-it's crazy. I would think there is a lot of people in jail for drug possession violations as well. I was actually just thinking about a couple family members of mine who are or have been in jail. It really is very sad to think about. I couldn't imagine spending any time locked up in a cell. My nephew has now been in jail twice now and I have a cousin who is also in jail for life. I also have a half-brother that has been in and out of jail I believe. It's so sad to think about. I was pondering the fact that we are in the same family yet raised under very different circumstances and had very different paths in life. Why do some people end up in jail while others lead very productive lives? Parental influences, poverty, access to education, geographical location I suppose all contributed to the fact that they ended up in jail and I have not. I sincerely wish a better life for all who are struggling with their circumstances. We all have our own challenges but I can't imagine how difficult it is to face jail time.

    Thanks for the forum! Happy Friday!

    - Wanderer