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    What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    created by teebeetoo 7 days 16 hours 5 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    So I know I just answered a question about my TV habits and said that I don't really watch TV unless I'm really trying to zone out about something, but here I am REALLY looking forward to getting done with exams and zoning out;)

    I am SO excited to watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon this weekend. I bet I won't have time to watch the whole thing because I have grading to do and a Hanukkah party, but I think I'll need at least 2 or 3 episodes tonight after the day I have in front of me and the bitter cold that we are supposed to get tonight.

    What about you? What do you binge watch? Any recommendations?

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    Hello Teebeetoo,

    Ah the joy of binge-watching, unfortunately, I don't have much time nowadays to just zone out and binge-watch, although I really want to! I have been meaning to watch 13 reasons why the second series for a while now, but never really had the time to start, and didn't want to because I know once I start one episode I will be watching the whole thing in a matter of days, and I just can't afford to waste that much time now. Just two more weeks and the binging will begin. I have also been meaning to watch the Good Place part 3, It's on TV but around that time I am usually working again, or just spending some social time, so I might just rent the series for a couple days and binge-watch that. Not to mention the number of movies I will be seeing!! Ah you got me so excited I am going to start to write down what I want to watch during the break!

    Thanks for asking! Have a marvelous (wink! wink!) Friday!


    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    Good morning Teebeebo,

    I wish I had time to binge watch this weekend but I will be studying and cramming for finals which are next week!
    When I am home for winter break I am sure I will find something to watch. I need some suggestions though! I am thinking of checking out Arrested Development.

    What I have binge watched in the past were the following and I really liked all of them:

    The Fall
    Making A Murderer, parts 1 and 2
    Stranger Things
    The Office
    Breaking Bad
    Burn Notice

    I started Haunting of Hill House but I didn't really like it and stopped watching.

    Thanks for the forum. I hope you like some of these suggestions!


    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    Hi teebeetoo,

    Recently, I have started watching Switched at Birth. However, I got into it because I'm currently taking an ASL(American Sign Language) class and this show was recommended. It's very insightful about family life and learning some signs I didn't previously learn. I recommend this show but it's pretty long, I'm still on season 1.

    Have a great day!

    Thank you,

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    Hi Jean.

    It's funny that you mention that show. I actually watched some of it a while back because I had a friend who was teaching a class on disability studies and she mentioned it as a rare example of a show that doesn't portray people with a difference in ability in a negative light, and she also thought that they did a good job of letting people know that deaf people actually have an entire culture, and are not just "missing" something, they HAVE something that others don't have. (She did say, however, that most people on the show sign really badly;)

    Jon--I'm not sure I have enough posts left today to reply directly to you on your page but thank you for your suggestions! I remember that I started watching Ozarks and ran out of time, so that might be a good place to pick up again. I have seen Breaking Bad and Making Murder (both seasons) but some of the others I haven't. I do know I've heard really good things about The Fall.

    Some more recommendations for people: I really loved Top of the Lake, Wentworth, Call the Midwife, and my all time favorite show is the Wire. I actually think it is the best show that I've ever seen and one of the only series I've seen more than once. If you haven't seen it please do! I guarantee you will love it!

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    What's up fam!?

    Ok. Although I've watched it probably like twice, I'm looking forward binge-watching "The Office" LOL. It is one of my all time favorite shows. Michael Scott is a just that character you never get tired of. Mans too funny LOOOOL.

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?


    Man, I love Koshari. My mom makes it at home and it's great! You might have eaten it in a place that doesn't make it very well, or you just don't like it, which is fine. We all have our preferences. I have to agree with you about the liver. I'm not a huge fan of it. My mom makes it amazingly, and I do eat it when she makes it, but it's definitely not my favorite Egyptian dish. I've never really given much thought to fairies and elves, but it definitely is really cool that they seem to have their own personal societies.

    I'm currently binge-watching Arrow because it's amazing. I was binge-watching Daredevil, but I finished it. Now I have to wait for season 4 -_-. I would definitely recommend them both. But I recommend the Gilmore Girls A LOT more. The directors of Gilmore Girls are also the directors of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, so I think you would really enjoy that. And, like Jon said, definitely watch Stranger Things. It's amazing. And, if you're into animation, watch Trollhunters. It may seem like a kids' show (it probably is a kids' show), but it's INSANELY AMAZING! I am in love with this show. And also Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. I've never shipped fictional characters so hard.

    Have fun!


    P.S. I'm definitely going to be trying Asian and Thai food soon. That's a must.

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?


    I am currently binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race after struggling to find a website to watch it on.


    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    Hey teebeetoo!

    Thanks for your vote on Smash or Pass! That's a hilarious game :D As for breakfast at my mom's house, if you're ever in AZ hit me up! We always have too many cinnamon rolls.

    Jon has an excellent taste in shows! Nice! Also wanted to add myself to The Office fans list here. We're currently rewatching it for the third time! You know what's a tragedy? I never watched the second season of Stranger Things. I absolutely loved the first season when it came out, and then when the second season dropped I never had time to watch it. That's on my list to binge watch for sure. I'll just start by rewatching the first season because its been a couple years by this point.

    @RaneemHamada, Gilmore Girls is fantastic. We watched the whole thing last year!

    Has anyone watched Maniac? Is it any good? Fun fact, I drive the same red Jeep Cherokee that's in the trailer for that series haha

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?


    you should binge watch Riverdale on Netflix. I'm waiting for the newest season to air on Netflix; it's one of my favorites.


    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    Hi teebeetoo,

    I am currently binging King of the Hill. By currently I mean I have one eye on the TV and on on the laptop haha. Once I finish I am going to catch up on RWBY and some of my other shows that I am behind on. I heard a new season of Black Mirror is coming out over break so I will definitely crush that when it comes out. I'll probably watch the new season of Daredevil too.

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

    I've been watching the Ozarks a lot. I also can pretty much guarantee you that you'll never see a better show than the Wire.

    Honestly though, these days if I have time to bingewatch anything it's football. Does that count?

    Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?


    Since it's almost finals week, I have absolutely NO time to binge watch anything right now. But, I am very excited to finally have a winter break. I will be binge watching New Girl, and I will always be able to re-watch all of the Criminal Minds and The Office episodes.
    I don't usually start anything new during the school year, because I don't really have time, so I often watch shows I've already seen.