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    Tell me your hotel horror stories!

    created by BethRose84 7 days 16 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Tell me your hotel horror stories!

    Happy Friday!

    This evening starts the annual mother-daughters bake-a-thon weekend! After my hubby gets home from work, I'll be heading down to my sister's house for the weekend and we'll be making cookies. Lots of cookies! We've been doing this for about 7 or 8 years now. I'm sure getting on Collegenet is going to be a challenge tomorrow and Sunday, since we are baking from the time we wake up until we go to bed!

    Earlier this week I was travelling again for work. Overall it was a good trip, but I can tell you this: I will NEVER stay at the Holiday Inn in Norton, VA again! I stayed there from Sunday evening until Tuesday morning. I experienced a few minor annoyances during my stay, but as I was getting ready to leave Tuesday morning, I'd hit the jackpot of worst hotel stays ever. To start with, their wifi didn't work (yes, I let them know, and the front desk person went to the basement to restart the router but that did not fix it). I had work I needed to do, and I ended up having to use my mobile hotspot from my phone. Not usually an issue, except that we no longer have unlimited data, so I used up quite a bit of data between working and FaceTiming with muy husband and daughter.

    Then Sunday night I was thirsty and didn't have anything in the room to drink. I ventured to find a vending machine to grab a soda. The machine on my floor wasn't even plugged in. There were 2 others that were completely EMPTY. They didn't have any kind of little shop like many hotels have to grab a drink/snacks/toiletries/etc.

    The carpets in the stairwell looked and smelled disgusting as well. And then, to top it all off, I'm all packed up Tuesday morning, taking one final look around to room to make sure that I have everything, and I see a BUG crawling in the bed I had just slept in! I just about lost it. I'm pretty sure it was a bedbug. I let someone know at the front desk and was told "ok, I'll have maintenance go take a look." No apology or anything. It was almost like it was a common complaint they get. I'm so appalled by this and will definitely be writing a review and contacting corporate. If they don't know what's going on, then how can anything be improved or fixed?!

    So what about you, do you have any hotel horror stories?

    I hope you all have a great weekend!

    Re: Tell me your hotel horror stories!

    Hello Beth,

    When you said you found a bug on the bed, I literally shivered, that is my worst nightmare! It sounds like a dreadful experience, but one you definitely would be telling lots of stories about.

    I've had one experience that stands out. It was a cheap hotel to start with, but we weren't expecting much just a nice room with cozy beds. The room was just fine and the beds were pretty cozy, the only problem is in the middle of the night the heater stopped working and we all woke up from the slight chill. My dad went down to talk with them and someone came up to "inspect" the heater. He went out for a couple of minutes and then it suddenly started working, we later thought they must turn it off in the middle of the night to save electricity and thought that we wouldn't notice since we would be asleep.
    They also supposedly have a complimentary breakfast, not so bad, but the portions of food could feed a toddler and every single item of dishware was mismatched.

    It is fair to say that the price was not expensive, so I guess you kind of get what you paid for in this scenario, at least everything was clean or seemed to be. That is the standard every hotel should hold, they should have clean and sanitary items for people to feel at least safe from unwanted germs!

    Thanks for the forum Beth, hope you had a nice long shower afterward to wash off that feeling!

    Have a great Friday!


    Re: Tell me your hotel horror stories!

    Ugh that is really frustrating! Hotels are expensive, even the cheap ones, so it's not right that they had so many things malfunctioning!

    I haven't had any nightmare experiences, but I did stay at a hotel in Boston a couple of summers ago during a heatwave and the AC didn't work very well. We were out in the 95 degree weather and came back to a sweltering room :(

    Re: Tell me your hotel horror stories!

    Hi Beth,
    My hotel horror story has turned into a long time running family joke. We went on a family vacation to Mexico. When we got to Mexico my mom went to rent a car. We also needed a hotel room to stay for the first night. I am not sure why we didn’t arrange this beforehand. At the airport my mom was really happy she said she got this amazing deal on a 5 star hotel. She was so excited we were going to stay in a 5 Star hotel and kept repeating it. Well let’s just say when we got there it wasn’t in the best part of town and was definitely not a 5 Star. Maybe negative 5 stars. It’s been so long since then that I can’t fill remember everything that was wrong with the room. We just kept laughing and making jokes about our 5 Star accommodation.

    That’s what I love about my family we took a bad situation and it’s become a fun memory now.