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    How do you nurture your body, mind and soul?

    created by katherinejade 5 days 3 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    How do you nurture your body, mind and soul?


    I am splitting up the body, mind and soul and asking you folks about how you nurture each of these things. I know the body, mind and soul are integrated, but they are also distinct entities that can be nurtured separately.

    My mind : I nurture my mind by reading books, particularly about experiences, mental health, autobiographies, fiction, meditation, self-care etc.

    My body : I nurture my body by eating healthy food and exercising. Today was particularly good as I went to the gym AND ate a really healthy rainbow taco at a plant-based restaurant called "Leahi Health"

    My soul : I nurture my soul by meditating. I am trying to build up my practice more. Meditation helps me to become more aware of my consciousness, and to relax and appreciate my being.



    (Category: Science, although I would have preferred health)

    Re: How do you nurture your body, mind and soul?

    Hey Kat and thank you for the post. Let's hope it wasn't a booty call, but a tiny cry for help to become a better person. Time will tell.

    Alright, to your forum. I'm just gonna answer what I did today:

    My mind: I check myself several times during the day if I'm being nice or bad to myself. Also I always check where my tongue is. If it's at the roof of my mouth, I need to relax more. It's a good little tool.

    My body: Today I didn't have a healthy breakfast but I did go for an hour of jogging around the neighbourhood. So yay for that. And also a healthy dinner with chicken and veggies!

    My soul: For me living so far away from my family, I try to talk to at least one or two of them daily. Sometimes only for a minute, but they make my soul happy, they know me inside out, and doesn't matter what I say, they never judge me.

    Have a great weekend!

    - Marte

    Re: How do you nurture your body, mind and soul?

    Hello Kat,

    First off I completely agree there should be a health category! And this would have definitely fit under that category.

    As for me how do I nurture my mind body and soul:

    Mind: I keep up with reading, I am a book maniac and if I start a book it is almost definite to be finished in a day or two. I also keep up with online news and sources so I know I am up to date with anything of importance.

    Body: I keep my body nurtured by working out 4 times a week. Trying to eat as healthy as I can, my fruit and vegatable intake a day is definelty something I keep track of and I love them. I also keep my body nurtured by dancing whenever I find the time, I put on some music and let my body take over.

    Soul: I am relatively new to the whole mediation thing, I have the app headspace downloaded and like to listen to it every other morning. Besides that I pray and keep my connection with my spritutual self always open.

    I feel like in some way nurturing your mind, body and soul becomes incorporated into one. If you eat healthy you help both your body and mind, and if you meditate you help all three!

    Thanks for the question Kat! Have a great Friday!