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    Blast from the past!

    created by yourockmysock 8 days 12 hours 53 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Blast from the past!

    So today, on my way into Target, all of a sudden one my exes contacted me. He's a good guy, we were together for three years but we split up because we chose careers instead of us. That was five years ago.

    Anyways, he called to ask me if I ever felt mistreated by him in anyway while we were together and I said no, never.

    I asked him why and he said the #metoo movement had been on his mind a lot lately and he needed to check with me, and for what I know, his other exes.

    It was nice hearing from him, because he was a great person to have in my life, but I still found it weird. Shouldn't a guy know if he's been good or bad? Is it that hard to do the right thing? This #metoo campaign is important, but it bothers me that good men need to ask questions like "Did I ever hurt you?", "Did you ever feel mistreated?" or "Was I ever unpleasant to you?"

    He should know without asking five years later!

    What do you guys think? I'd love to hear from all genders. I need some different perspectives and hopefully you'll take some time out to help a sister out! I need more heads than only mine today.

    Hope everyone is ready for the weekend! Much love, Marte

    Re: Blast from the past!

    Wow, that's so weird. I have to admit it's weird to be contacted by exes or ex-flings after many years. I agree, though, that a guy shouldn't have to ask. If he did, then there must have been some questionable things he has done. Unfortunately, I guess guys don't always know for sure if their sex drive was putting pressure on a woman. The culture of men can be very sex-driven and about "scoring," so I guess it normalizes getting women to consent (even with pressure). I definitely have known some great and respectful guys, and also some very callous, disgusting and inconsiderate guys as well. I guess.... there is a certain level of progress if you're guy is asking to try to make himself aware, and it is certainly a step above an attempted booty call...


    Re: Blast from the past!

    Hi There You Rock!

    I bet that was a blast from the past! Maybe he was going through a maturity phase in his life and genuinely wanted to make sure he treated you well and was truly thinking of his choices and how to be a better human being. Or maybe, it was a way to open a conversation about your past relationship and an opening to get you back. Perhaps he regrets putting his career over you!!!!! As in ,,, he realizes what a catch you were!!!!

    I just noticed you are a fellow elementary school teacher. Yahoo for you to going back to school for your masters! I finished my masters in Literacy/Curriculum and Design about five years ago. I'm still teaching 2nd grade though. I don't know if I will leave the classroom. I am such a "school girl" and did it mostly just for me and some personal growth/change. How about you? Will you continue teaching or try something new in the field of education. Also, I didn't get to reply to your book/kindle forum, but it called to me as I love the feel and smell of a good, old-fashioned book and I too worry abut the closure of all of our public libraries!

    Best wishes for the weekend! Enjoy!