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    Relationship deal breakers?

    created by dgriffay 5 days 4 hours 39 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Relationship deal breakers?

    Hi CNetters,
    I feel like everyone has at least one relationship deal breaker. Something that if you don’t agree upon will end your relationship. Be it wanting kids, religion, or maybe even genetics. What is your relationship deal breaker?


    Re: Relationship deal breakers?

    Hi Daniella,

    I dated this guy who called Whitney Houston the n-word. When I confronted him, he told me he doesn't mind using that word and told me straight up he would never stop calling people with that word.

    First I told him off, then two minutes later I was on the bus home, and never talked to him again. Bye Felipe!

    Other than that, a huge dealbreaker for me is how the guy I'm dating treats the people we surround us with, be it my family or friends, a waiter or his mom. Some of the guys I've dated in the past, were very patronising and condescending. That was a big turn off.

    Ain't nobody got time for that :)

    - Marte

    Re: Relationship deal breakers?

    Hey Daniella,

    I think a relationship deal breaker for me would be if he was an alcoholic. You see many problems that can rise from that. I know some people have been alcoholic and they have been able to recover but it needs a lot of strength and I don’t think most people have it. That to me would be a deal breaker. I personally have never met a person who is alcoholic but I have heard stories of people who had relationships with alcoholics and it didn’t end up well.

    Thanks for the forum Daniella!

    Re: Relationship deal breakers?

    Hey Hey!

    Any fetish involving poo. Sorry, but I am out at that point.

    Re: Relationship deal breakers?

    Aloha dgriffay,

    Come to think of it I think I have a lot of dealbreakers. Smoking, whether cigarettes or e-cigs is most certainly a deal breaker. Being racist and just inconsiderate or rude in general is also a dealbreaker. I also could not see myself dating someone who is conservative and a Trump supporter- that's just a no. Someone who is abuses drugs or alcohol or is a workaholic would also be dealbreakers. Another dealbreaker I think at this point is someone who doesn't love Hawaii and see themselves living here long term. I want to find someone who has roots in Hawaii with no plans to leave. Another dealbreaker would be someone who isn't at least open to having children. I am not sure that I want kids but I want it to at least be an option and would like to decide together rather than meet someone who is already completely against it.

    In general I think I have to keep in mind the difference between dating preferences and dealbreakers. I have A LOT of preferences but I need to keep them distinguished from dealbreakers otherwise I'll never end up going out with anyone lol.

    - Wanderer

    Re: Relationship deal breakers?

    I would never date a cannibal! I mean first off kissing her would just be gross, but like...what if I have a heart attack and pass away, and she's the first person that finds me? Uncool man! I mean I know I'm delicious but that's more in a metaphorical sense.

    I'm trying to think about anything aside from the obvious. I mean obviously conservatives are off the table, they're just grody, and anyone who's a bigot can suck it, I won't even talk to them casually.

    I'd actually be severely irritated if she was completely disinterested in science and understanding how the universe works. It's like, if the sky is just some points of light to you and nothing else, and you don't understand why the sun is hot...we're never going to have a real conversation about anything.

    Also, clowns, helllll no to all clowns. If she's a clown, hard pass. I don't have anything against pies and seltzer, but I'd rather not get murdered.

    Re: Relationship deal breakers?

    Hi Daniella,

    Definitely smell.

    There was this guy I really liked in high school. He played football, had great hair, was ahead of everyone else in chemistry (and I sat behind him). He was just COOL. The only thing though: he always smelled like hot dogs.

    I'm seriously not kidding. I'd ask my friends about it, like: Don't you smell it? And they were very gracious and always said things like it must have been his shampoo or deodorant or whatever. But I can smell it today just like it was yesterday...and it was totally hot dogs.

    The unfortunate part for me is that I found him on Facebook last year and saw that he's a decorated Army doctor who lives on the beach and has a beautiful family. So that chemistry totally paid off for him. But I couldn't get past the smell.


    Thanks for the post!

    Re: Relationship deal breakers?

    Hey Daniella,

    A relationship deal breaker for me would be if the person wasn't smart. I value high intelligence and common sense. A sense of humour would be a bonus too!