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    What does consent mean

    created by Brooklynfox 5 days 8 hours 15 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What does consent mean

    Hey guys,
    An important question for something I’m trying to research. What does consent mean to you? Also what do you consider sexual assault or I guess crossings line? I know this is personal but I really want a feel for what people think. Please respond. I’m working on figuring out the need for teaching this stuff in school. Is it worth?

    Re: What does consent mean


    Consent means many things .When talking to kids its all about teaching them how to say no to various situations. Not jusy sexual assault , but unwanted interaction, hugs or someone being too close to them. Or learning how to tell their parents something verbal or physical happened that made them uncomfortable. It is all about giving them the verbage and the push to know speaking up for yourself is okay. That when you are uncomfortable you have a right to move away find a safe space and let someone know what happend right as it happens. Kids think they will be in trouble or something if they speak up. We as adults need to br3ak that cycle. It is wrong to let kids think speaking up for themselves will yield a negative consequence for them. I think you should not highlight it as sexual harassment , but "how to navigate uncomfortable situations". Which , is palatable for young kids and you can give small doeses of teaching them what good touches and bad touches are. Kids are the future and we must give them these tools.

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    Re: What does consent mean

    Aloha Brooklyn,

    I just commented on a forum about this similar issue, because another candidate asked about an out-of-the-blue contact from an ex. See here

    I think consent is about communication and awareness, and about a fundamental shift in how heterosexual men see women, particularly in high school and college when their prefrontal cortexes are still developing. I think consent is about respect, respect, respect, and equality, and NOT treating women as objects.