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    What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    created by brih334 5 days 18 hours 19 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    Hey everyone!

    My mom made a Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake from scratch Saturday and it was really good. I called it a death by chocolate cheesecake because it was so rich. Everyone loved it though. We only came back with two pieces left but there were a lot of desserts to choose from so it was expected.

    Whats your favorite kind of cheesecake?

    Have fun!

    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    Hi Brittani,

    I know I'm plain and boring and yes it's so obvious that I would love the original plain cheesecake. I also don't mind having strawberry swirl cheesecake and chocolate swirl.

    If you ever see a cheesecake wheel at a grocery store like Publix or walmart, you'll know what I mean.

    I'm pretty simple and there's so many flavors that I never had but I would be open to trying.

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!


    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    Hey Brittani,

    I think my favorite type of cheesecake would be plain cheesecake topped with stawberry syrup. I have never tried chocolate Oreo cheesecake but that sounds delicious. I find that homemade cheesecake is much more delicious than the ones you buy in the stores. Cheesecakes are typically heavier but I feel like when my mom makes it is much lighter and a lot tastier. You just made me start craving cheesecake as I am headed home and very hungry.

    Thanks for the forum Brittani!

    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?


    I like cheesecake with blueberry topping. My grandma always used to make it for special occasions. I also love Oreo cheesecake! That sounds yummy! I am going to the cheesecake factory tomorrow night for dinner! Now I am really in the mood for cheesecake!

    Thanks for the post!

    Have a good one!


    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    Hey Hey!

    I love cheesecake with the graham cracker crumblies on it. Sooo good!

    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    Oooh all of them. The only ones I don't like are the ones that have strawberries on them. I just pick off the strawberries and eat the cheesecake anyways. I really love getting the variety samplers from the store. The more styles I can eat the better.

    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?


    My favorite is either strawberry or peanut butter.

    My dad has an obsession with everything peanut butter, so that's usually what our desserts consist of.


    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    What's up fam!?

    Umm, I have never eaten cheesecake in my life (0_0) lol. I didn't even know there were different kinds of cheesecake lmao. I need to eat some cheesecake!!!

    nice post fam!

    Re: What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheesecake?

    Hi Brittani,

    I sort of wanted to write "All of them!" and just leave it at that, but that wouldn't quite capture everything I want to say.

    I do love absolutely all kinds of cheesecake. In fact, just writing about cheesecake is making my mouth water. The thing is, though, I have food sensitivities, and can't eat flour or sugar.

    I have friends who wonder how I survive without eating flour or sugar and to be sure, it's hard. Fortunately, though, I am able to find adequate substitutes for when the cravings hit. So my new answer is:

    Any kind of cheesecake made with ingredients that I can eat.

    So you've sent me on a new mission. My mission now is to find a recipe for cheesecake I can eat. I'll keep you posted on what I find out. In the meantime...if anyone knows of any good recipes for sugar-less, flour-less cheesecake, drop me a line! I'll be eternally grateful.