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    Suddenly Everyone In The World Can Read Minds!!!

    created by brih334 32 days 7 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Suddenly Everyone In The World Can Read Minds!!!

    Hey Everyone!

    Suddenly everyone in the world can read minds. Would your relationships survive? What do you learn about the kind of person you are and how does it change the way you view those around you? How does the world deal, as individuals and as a whole? And if you could take a pill to prevent the ability would you?

    Have fun!

    Re: Suddenly Everyone In The World Can Read Minds!!!

    I believe my relationship would survive, due to fact I speak my mind anyway.I know I’ll learn as a person try to filter some of my thoughts as well as stop worrying myself half to death st times. I believe a lot of people would be more mindful about others feelings than how they are towards one another now. To be honest, I wouldn’t take the pill to prevent mind reading because it give us the ability to be more careful than careless.

    Re: Suddenly Everyone In The World Can Read Minds!!!

    Hi Brittani,

    Maybe this is for the best because then people could be honest and communicate with each other. Authenticity is so important and hiding things does not help. Maybe the way people are being when they are experiencing these thoughts and feelings will change. That way, people can be more open with each other.

    All my relationships would survive because I would Openly communicate and listen to other people. This is where emotional literacy is really helpful.