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    I want to learn new languages..Advice?

    created by danmod23 26 days 13 hours 47 minutes ago

    Category: World

    I want to learn new languages..Advice?

    Aloha CNET,

    I love language and want to try to become fluent in at least one other language. I have studied Italian in middle and high school so that's currently the language I know the best. My top languages to learn are Spanish and Italian, but id like to learn some Japanese and French as well.

    Do you guys have any tips or advice? What languages are you fluent in? Any languages you want to learn?

    Happy Friday!!


    Re: I want to learn new languages..Advice?

    Aloha Dan,

    This forum triggered a memory of a dream I had last night. I dreamed that I was in high school and I was trying to maximize on my learning, so I enrolled in a Japanese class, a French class, and a music band class in Japanese. I was disorganized and having trouble making it to my classes and remembering when things were due. But I was really hoping to excel in Japanese and then move to Japan permanently to learn more and to fully integrate.

    I think immersion is really the best way to learn a language (like, going to a place where people speak the language and being forced to interact in that language. Then, going out with people and having fun experiences with that language to increase motivation and connectedness). To learn a language is to connect with the culture (to some extent) and to make it part of you.

    I have heard that Rosetta Stone is pretty good. I would love to move to Japan and become better at Japanese. Also, I would love to learn sign language or olelo Hawaii. I think if I were to really learn these language, I will need to find a way to immerse with the respective cultures.


    Re: I want to learn new languages..Advice?

    Hi Dan,

    Like Kat said, immersion is really the best way. Another great way is by learning vocabulary that is better than a meaningful to you. If you’re a dancer, learn body part so that you can be able to explain to someone at dance move. If you love cooking, learn food and verbs around cooking.

    There are lots of YouTube resources around and just set an hour aside in the morning time before you start each day to practice and study. But I will be starting after this quarter is learn new grammar on the weekends and then practice throughout the week new vocabulary and grammar.



    Re: I want to learn new languages..Advice?

    Aloha Dan!

    Almost fluent in Spanish. I don't use it much so a friend of mine speaks and texts me in Spanish randomly and I have to answer back in Spanish and it helps a lot so I'm thankful for them.

    I've always wanted to learn French. I actually wanted to take French in high school as my foreign language instead of Spanish, but everyone kept telling me it was extremely hard and to try it on my own by using Rosetta Stone or a French tutor or class Di it didn't effect my grade. So that's what I'm going to do. I think the language is beautiful and appealing when you hear it spoken. I do want to visit one day, maybe even live for half the year.

    Have a great day !