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    What do you call your parents' parents?

    created by BethRose84 26 days 20 hours 11 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What do you call your parents' parents?

    Good morning, and happy Friday!

    Well, that was a lot of snow! We got hit with quite the winter storm last night. Some schools in the next county over were closed, and several are on a delay. If you're in an area that is getting hammered with Old Man Winter, please stay safe out there!

    When it's cold and snowy out, I always like to think of things that are warm and comforting. And what is more comforting than the love of a grandparent! And there are so many different terms for a grandparent too.

    So today, I'd like to see how many different things we all refer to our parents' parents, and if those vary based on geographical location.

    What do you call your parents' parents? Do you refer to your mom's parents differently than your dad's parents? Or rather, do you call one set of grandparents something different than the other?

    We never called our grandparents by a name that included their first name, like a hear a lot nowadays (ex - Grandma Margaret, Grandpa Dave, etc). My dad's parents were the traditional Grandma and Grandpa. My mom's parents were similar, just spelled differently: Gramma and Grampa. And now my mom, who is a grandparent now herself, she followed suit with how she spelled it. She's a Gramma, not a Grandma!

    My grandparents were great! Although I lost 3/4 of them between 1995 and 2002, and then my grandma just about 2 years ago. I think often times grandchildren forget how lucky they are to have their grandparents in their lives. So if yours are still around, I hope you'll give them an extra hug at Thanksgiving, or give them a call this weekend, just to say hello.

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing the variety of Grandparent terms we have among us. Enjoy your Friday!


    Re: What do you call your parents' parents?

    Good morning, Beth!

    I am sorry to hear you lost your Grandma, Gramma and Grandpa! I am happy to read how loving and wonderful they were though when they were alive! Grandparents are definitely special people!

    Due to my parent's parents being divorced, I had to find ways to differential between them all! My mom's mom I have always called Grandma Linda. She never remarried. She is very involved in my life and even when she has little to give, she gives. She's really special. My mom's dad I called Grandpa. His wife, was called Gramma Anita. Once my grandpa died, Gramma Anita stopped coming around and isn't involved in my life. I do get a Christmas and birthday card from here but she doesn't come to visit when we invite her unfortunately. On my dad's side it was Grandpa and Grandma K. They were also divorced and my dad's dad never introduced us to his new family or wife so I never knew a step grandma. Grandma K never remarried. Grandma K was always a part of my life as well up until about 5 years ago when she got dementia so bad she had to be put into nursing home. She is 85 now. She can't speak and has no quality of life. We visit her once a week on Sundays still though and on holidays and her birthday.

    My great Grandma and Great Aunt were also in my life for many years up until I was 16I They were the most involved and amazing people I have ever known. Both passed away at 89 and 88.

    Thank you for the forum. It's always nice to reflect on our grandparents and for me my great grandparents!

    Stay safe out there if you are traveling!

    Have a great Friday.


    Re: What do you call your parents' parents?

    Hi Beth,

    Your grandparents were certainly beautiful souls from what I am reading. I met only one of my grandparents in my lifetime. Sadly 3 of them died before I was born and the one who was alive when I was born (granpa), I only had 7 years with him. He drank and smoked tobacco and died as a result. In my country, we refer to grandmothers as grammy and their first name follows sometimes.

    Everyday should be national grandparents day.

    Re: What do you call your parents' parents?

    Hey Beth!

    I call my grandparents grandma and grandpa. My other grandparents died before I could meet them.

    Thanks for the forum!