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    Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    created by brih334 25 days 12 hours 42 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    Hey Everyone!

    A far different take than writing ideas that involve the common fantasy of falling into money, under what conditions would you refuse that much money?

    I would refuse a million dollars anytime because I have no need for money right now. Money just causes problems and I'm a senior in high school. It'a my last year to be a kid and I want to enjoy it.

    However, I would refuse one million dollars in this case: the money is fake. I could get into a lot of trouble for trying to use fake money. I'm too young to go to jail.

    Have fun with the forum!


    Re: Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    Hey Brittani.

    Well I would definitely agree with you that I wouldn't accept it if it's fake, especially since you can still get in trouble if you try to spend it. I know someone who tried to use a $20 bill and didn't know it was fake. Luckily the employees know the woman and didn't go further with it but told her whoever gave it to her to be careful next time.

    I also wouldn't accept one million dollars if I had to kill somebody for it or do something illegal. I wouldn't want to put anyone in harm's way or myself. If it involved even hurting me in some way, I wouldn't do it.

    There's a bunch of reasons I could think of to refuse it but I would like to add I would only like to accept it if I could do it anonymously as I would not want all the people coming to me asking for money.

    Thanks for the topic and have a nice day!


    Re: Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    I would refuse $1 million if it came from the wrong source. Obviously, getting a lump sum of money that large would be investigated, so if the person who gave it to me had less than legit ways of getting that money, it'll just be repossessed anyway.

    Aside from that I'd refuse $1 million to go against my morals (i.e. to sleep with someone other than my fiance, to kill, to endorse a candidate or organization that I felt was immoral)

    Re: Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    Hello Brittani,

    I am usually pretty good with handling money. I know how to spend my money and how to keep enough savings in the bank, I pay my bills as soon as I get my statement and I have a great credit score. So I think I would be able to handle one million dollars fairly well!

    Although I would definitely refuse it if it were fake! I would also refuse it if it were in exchange of anything I’m not comfortable with doing or anything that does not fit my moral code. I would never accept it if I knew it cause any potential harm to anyone.

    Thanks for the forum I didn’t know I could come up with reasons to reject one million dollars!


    Re: Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    Hey Britanni,

    Interesting question. While I could certainly use the money, I would refuse a million dollars if it was in exchange for performing any kind of act that would go against my morals. Even if my character isn't that strong, the guilt would eat me away eventually. It wouldn't be worth it to me.

    Have a good one!

    Re: Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    Hey Hey!

    I would refuse a million dollars if someone told me they’d give me two million dollars to do so.

    Re: Refuse To Accept One Million Dollars

    Honestly, there are actually a lot of things I would not do for a million dollars.

    I would not do a "job" or a task that required me to do something bad to poor people, for instance. I know there are a lot of companies out there that steal data from people, target uneducated people for things like payday loans, try to see poor people credit cards or mortgages that are likely to do financial harm to them, etc. I would not do any of these things. I feel like one's integrity is more important than money, and I don't feel that we have to do things that hurt people in order to survive.

    I also would not tell someone something was good for them when it was harmful. I saw a documentary about a doctor who was giving his patients chemo when they didn't need it because he got so many kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry that it was worth it to him to tell people they had cancer when they didn't. I don't quite think that is a common thing to do, but the idea that you could ruin someone's life like that just for money is crazy to me.

    There are more important things in life than money.

    I hope you all agree!

    Have a great day, and thanks for the thought provoking forum!