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    First App to Download

    created by RaeannaC91 28 days 19 hours ago

    Category: Technology

    First App to Download

    Hey C-net,

    When you get a new phone, what is the first app you usually download?

    For me, it's usually Facebook and after that Messenger since they force you into both if you message people on there. My current phone is only 8gb so I have very few apps on here but I'm looking to buy a new one that is 64gb which hopefully is enough for me. I do still use my old phone for other apps but it dies extremely fast and takes forever to charge so it will be nice when I can have just one phone for all the apps I want.

    Good luck today everyone and don't forget to vote all 4 times today.


    Re: First App to Download

    Hi Raenna,

    The first App that I would download if I got a new phone would be SnapChat. I like SnapChat a lot because it’s so easy to use and I can quickly communicate with my friends. After that i would download YouTube. I learn so much from watching YouTube that I don’t see myself living without that App too!

    Have a great day and good luck in today’s election!