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    Help me turn my day around!

    created by teebeetoo 25 days 18 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Help me turn my day around!

    It's one of those days, guys.

    This morning my car was blocked by my inconsiderate neighbor parking in front of my driveway, so I took the subway.

    Then, the subway was so packed that there was no place to stand. People were so crammed in that even if they weren't already having a bad day, they were now.

    Then, there was a sick passenger on the train so we all had to get off and squeeze extra tight into the next train, which was already packed.

    THEN I had to take the subway to a bus, and a truck was blocking the bus lane, so we had to wait.

    So, while I had woken up extra early to get some things done this morning, everything really backfired on me, and I wound up getting to class by the skin of my teeth.

    Anyway, the world is always going to be a crazy hectic place. That's not going to change. However, I CAN work to change my attitude. But how? How do you try to stay positive when it seems like the world is against you? Any tips or tricks or apps or hacks?? They'd be much appreciated.

    In fact, I even think writing this cheered me up a little!

    Thanks guys!



    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Good morning, Teebee, or not so good morning, sorry!

    Sounds like you are off to a rough start to your day, but know this, it's only morning and you have an ENTIRE day to get back on track and recover!

    Three things I do to try to stay positive are:

    1) Reach out to close friends. You know they are always good for a laugh and pick your mood and spirit up!

    2) Find time to exercise. It can clear your head and relieve stress. Exercising helps by releasing endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that help us feel good. Go out running, hit the gym. Sweat it out and I am sure you will feel better. Go out for a walk when you are feeling my brain is overloaded and stressed. It might seem counter intuitive if you are pressed for time, but it really does energize you and wake your brain up!

    3) Watch or read something funny. I understand that in adverse situations, it seems like we can do anything but laugh. However, to be able to laugh in difficult times only requires a shift in perspective. Watching or reading anything funny takes your mind away from the stressful agent and shifts it towards the lighter side.

    I hope this helps. It works for me!

    Have a great day and best of luck to you in this week's election!


    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Hi Teebee!

    I am sorry that you had a rough this morning. When that happens to me I have to talk myself into staying calm. I remind myself that things like that, although frustrating, don't define my entire day unless I let them. If I let things change my mood it can quickly become a downward spiral. When things like that occur, I need to take some time to text a friend who makes me laugh and tell them what is happening. That is the quickest way for me to ensure that I will keep a positive attitude despite what is going on around me!

    Have a great rest of your day!!!


    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Thanks for your responses, guys.

    Jon, I especially agree that exercise can help with stress. I have not been able to make much time for it lately, but I do know that for me exercise tends to be the strongest antidepressant and anti-anxiety "drug."

    I'm not exactly sure how endorphins work, but I'm pretty sure that exercising or even just taking a brief walk in the morning is a really powerful antidote for feeling down. Sometimes if I don't have time to go to the gym I just try to leave my house a little early so I can walk to my office instead of take the bus, or I get off a subway stop ahead of where I am actually going to so I can have a quick walk in the sun.

    Katelyn, I do also agree that texting a friend or doing something similar can be productive, but I know that in my case I really have to balance between "phoning a friend" and ranting to the point that I get more worked up about it.

    I hope you both had better mornings, and good luck with this week's rankings!



    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Hey teebee,

    I can't imagine what was going through your mind this morning, with one thing after another seeming to make your day fall apart. But I LOVE that you are determined to turn your day around! I don't have any specific things I do to make my day better, other than maybe spending a few extra minutes playing with my daughter while I let the laundry sit unfolded, or the dishes sit in the sink. Those things can all be taken care of after she goes to bed.

    I will also try to find something positive about each situation that is seemingly bad. So I'll try my best with your morning!

    1) The person that was blocking your driveway was in a rush when they got home & parked, due to having the greatest news he/she needed to share with their family!

    2) The subway being packed is a sign that so many people are employed, or furthering their education, and using public transportation (thus giving reason for even more jobs) to get to work/school.

    3) Although someone was sick on the subway, they were feeling so much better today than they have been all week. Maybe this was the first day they were even able to get up and get outside.

    4) Even though the truck was blocking the bus lane and you had to wait longer than expected, your bus didn't break down and was able to eventually get you to where you needed to be.

    5) And finally, you may have made it to class just in the nick of time, but with everything that you were faced with today could have resulted in you missing class all together. But you were able to make it!

    I hope that this helps, at least a little, make you feel better about your seemingly rough morning! And that the rest of your day goes more smoothly.


    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Hi Teebee,
    First I have a few responses for you from some of your other posts. You said on mine that you don’t watch shows like the Voice bexause the judges are usually mean. They are never mean to people on this show that was American Idol. This show even if the person doesn’t make it on they give a lot of good advice to help the person. They are too nice sometimes, I feel like they say too often you could win this show.

    You also posted on Slynches post asking if you should vote for rookies. Now this is just my personal opinion and guesses. It depends on the rookie. If that rookie is active and is doing all their posts then use vote for them. If that rookie only has 1 or 2 posts then no don’t. I believe the voting system is weighted. Meaning if someone votes for you who has been active for a long time there vote will count more then a person who isn’t active. I think this is too keep people from cheating and have friends who don’t want to post come on and just vote for them. The reverse is true too that you get more points for voting for active people. Since there can’t be any ties they use this algorithm to rank everyone and I think small things like this add into it. Yesterday I was ranked 3 or 4. Then I vote for John- JTK because he commented on my forum pretty often and always has good replies. He was ahead of me in the leaderboard. Afterwards I jumped into 1st place, which I was surprised because I had voted for the person ahead of me. My only guess is we were tied on votes and voting for someone who is active gave me some extra points. Total guess so not sure if I’m right, but don’t pick people to vote that you know aren’t going to win because they aren’t active.

    As for making your day brighter I like to think about a funny memory I have to make me smile or laugh. Just take a moment to relax, take a deep breath, and reflect on the good in your life, or watch a funny cat video on YouTube.

    P.s one more thing I thing it’s better to respond to people on their posts instead of your own. They are more likely to see it then. Most people will read all the replies on their own forum but you don’t always go and check all the other forums you wrote in. Hence why I waited till I saw your post to write this to you. But again my own personal preference. Sorry for the book :)

    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Aloha Teebee,

    Wow, what a stressful way to start the day! You sure had your share of setbacks this morning but you can look back and see that you persevered. You didn't let the day get the better of you and you are smart by reaching out to a supportive community for feedback.

    When things aren't going my way, I stop and think about how fortunate I am for all the good in my life. I think about everything else that could be going wrong that isn't, I think about all the people in the world who have much less and more difficult situations than I do. I reflect on the fact that the basic things and so much more are readily available to me. I try to nuture that sense that everything is ok and nothing is really wrong as I am alive and healthy. One of the things I say to myself in my head is "Did the world end?" Yes it sucks that I can't drive my car and that the subway is crowded and that I barely made it to class on time but did the world end? did my world end? Did something so earth shattering happen to knock me down? When I can answer no to that then I start to get on a better thinking track and find my way out of the rabbit hole of everything is going wrong. So my best advice is to think of everything that is going right- that you have a car, that you were able to wake up healthy this morning, that you have food, shelter, clean water, friends, the opportunity to be educated and so on.

    And remembering that your experience is a common one- so many people maybe even others you encountered that morning were going through what you were. It's that feeling of we are all in this together that sometimes gets me through traffic or an upsetting moment. It really is all about your mindset. You are on the right track and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Remembering that everything we go through serves to make us stronger and more capable human beings. And just think your experience gave you a great CNET post if nothing else! lol

    - Wanderer

    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Hey Teebee,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad start to your day. Sometimes it feels like the world wants you to fail miserably, but guess what? Your survival rate for life has been 100% so far, and something tells me today will be no different :)

    Some things that help me get through tough times are remembering the words of David Foster Wallace in his text "This is Water." Here he talks about how being mindful can help us let go of superficial annoyances that can otherwise ruin our day. I think that you are an incredible person who can get through anything, and sometimes reminding yourself of that is all it takes!

    Best of Luck

    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Ugh I had the sick passenger experience today too, a perfect way to tack on the frustration after coughing so much last night I barely slept -_-

    Unfortunately a day like this can't always be avoided, you just have to find the silver lining. I like to think that I get one shit day a week and the day after ends up being a breeze by comparison.

    Treat yourself to something nice tonight- have a long hot bath with some fancy soaps, eat junk, and watch a movie to unwind.

    Tomorrow is a new day!

    Re: Help me turn my day around!

    Hi Teebee,

    I think the important thing is to take time to breath, and realize that sometimes things are outside of your control. I know it is very stressful having plans change, and nothing ever goes completely to plan.

    Overall I think you handled the situation well, do something fun today to make up for the crappy morning you had.

    I hope the rest of your day improved immensely!