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    Taking days off for Thanksgiving??

    created by Grace 28 days 20 hours 32 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Taking days off for Thanksgiving??

    Hello All,

    We are now almost a week away from Thanksgiving, and already my office area is almost deserted! We only have three days of work next week so everyone is taking those days off except for me and two others.
    I never really experienced this before, since in college we had a week off for Thanksgiving and almost no one would take off beforehand, since we are paying for our classes!

    What about you? Are people taking off from work or school? how many days off does your company or university give you for Thanksgiving?

    Looking forward to hearing your responses!


    Re: Taking days off for Thanksgiving??

    Hi Grace,
    This always kind of annoys me around the holidays because people always take an excessive amount of time off and it's frustrating when you really need to get stuff done. My entire office is basically useless the entire month of December.

    I have Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, so those are the only days I'll take.


    Re: Taking days off for Thanksgiving??

    Hey Grace,

    My office gets Thanksgiving off, and we have yet to find out if we have Black Friday off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we do! I originally scheduled to have the day before Thanksgiving off as well, just as a random day of PTO, but I recently had to let that go since I needed to use the time for a different day. I've done that with a few days around the Christmas holiday too. It's nice to have a few extra days off, so I plan it out from the start of the year and hope that I don't need to use the time before then!

    I know a few people that always save PTO to take the week off between Christmas and New Years. In my job, we work with school districts, so that is the slowest week of the year. The way I see it is this: why would I "waste" using PTO for a day that I'm going to be doing basically nothing at work anyhow! People bring in game systems to play during the day, people watch movies, read books, basically just hang out for the week.

    Even though most everyone will be gone, I hope you are able to enjoy the few days of work that you'll be in the office!


    Re: Taking days off for Thanksgiving??

    Hi! I work in an elementary school so pretty much everyone is working until Wednesday afternoon. I can see that other people would take off in an office setting. I feel like I would definitely use my vacation days during that week as its such a festive and enjoyable week!

    Re: Taking days off for Thanksgiving??

    Hey Grace,

    I usually take the day before Thanksgiving and black Friday off. I travel to spend Thanksgiving with my family as this is the only time I'm comfortable driving and wont get snowed in and stuck in another state.