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    The most interesting interview question

    created by BethRose84 25 days 20 hours 33 minutes ago

    Category: World

    The most interesting interview question

    Good snowy morning!

    Well today we woke up to a "brush-able" amount of snow. I pulled out my winter boots, brushed the 3" or so of snow off my car, and left a few minutes early to accommodate the possibly challenging road conditions. I guess that means winter is officially here in western NY!

    With that being said, I wanted to share with you some really interesting/odd questions I was asked during an interview on Monday.

    "Tell me what your process is to cook?" (no, this was not an interview for the restaurant industry!)
    "What prank would you pull on your manager?"
    "Why should you never fight a dinosaur?"

    Now these questions really threw me off, and two days later I'm still trying to figure out the importance of them. If you have any idea, please let me know!

    What are some of the most random questions you've been asked in an interview? If you've interviewed someone, have you ever asked someone a question like this?

    I'm sure there is a purpose for asking random questions in interviews, and I hope to learn that reason some day soon.

    Thanks for reading, stay warm, and good luck in today's election!

    P.S. - You should never fight a dinosaur because you might get Jurass-kicked!

    Re: The most interesting interview question

    Ok, so no, I've never been asked any weird interview questions, which means I probably shouldn't be responding to this forum, but I just wanted to say that joke was spot on and amazing.

    I think interviewers asks random questions like that to get a feel of your personality, and also to try to throw you off. They want to see how you'd react under pressure, so they just ask the weirdest questions. I'm sure you did great though!

    Thanks for making me laugh!


    Re: The most interesting interview question

    Hi Beth!

    Oh my! Those are random questions! I agree with Raneem. I think they ask questions like that to get a feel for the type of person you are in stressful situations and to see if you have a sense of humor or if you get frustrated easily.

    One question I had that I didn't like at all was, "if you have to choose, do you see your day as a half empty glass of milk or a half full glass of beer?" So either I am a negative person who sees the glass half empty or a partier? LOL So I went with the glass half full thing but wasn't really comfortable with it! The strangest question I have ever been asked was "If you could be any animal what would you be?" I like cats, so I wanted to say a cat but thought they might analyze that as me being a lazy person! LOL

    Despite the odd questions, I hope your interview went great!

    Have a good day!


    Re: The most interesting interview question

    Hiya Beth,

    That is too funny, I would not be ready for those curveballs! I'm not sure I understand the importance of them besides the fact that they want to see how you react to unexpected situations. I'm also guessing these interviews get a little boring with too many candidates and maybe they want to spice things up for some laughs or excitement in their day.

    I've heard in someone else's interview the question, "Imagine you've been locked up and the guard throws the key away.... How do you escape."

    Have a great day,

    Re: The most interesting interview question

    Hello Beth,

    I am going to agree with everyone here, weird questions like that are probably to assess your personality and maybe to try to make you more comfortable... if that sort of thing works with you.
    I was asked the same thing about cooking process, I think that is to know how you go about executing a plan and obtaining the final product, the job I was applying for was in a Chemical company, I answered by giving a descriptive detail of how I make one of my dishes, and hey I got the job!

    Great topic Beth!

    Re: The most interesting interview question

    Hi Beth,

    Please let us know if you get hired, and ask what your interviewer was looking for with those questions.
    I can say that I have never been asked any odd interview questions in my professional life, and I was in the temp world for many years, which means, I went on a lot of interviews in my career.

    @Katelyn, I probably would have answered you "half empty glass of milk or a half full glass of beer" question with something like "a well deserved milk stout on the weekend ;o)

    ...Jurass-kicked! LOL!