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    Pet peeves

    created by Kristencucinott 26 days 47 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Pet peeves

    Aloha! Today I want to discuss pet peeves. I find them hilarious because they’re usually so random. For instance my pet peeve is when people touch my straw when they take a sip of my drink! And although when I tell most people that they agree with me, they also say that it’s something they never think about. My other one is when people put the toilet paper roll on backwards.

    What are your pet peeves!??? Tell me them all please!

    Re: Pet peeves

    Hi Kristen,
    I don’t think there is a front way or a backway to put toilet paper on. I saw a funny game once at a wedding though. To decide which way they put their toilet paper on the bride and groom had to race and wrap an entire roll around their body by spinning. First one to empty their roll got to pick the direction for the rest of their married life. Haha I thought it was a fun way to do that.

    My pet peeves is using straws and plastic water bottles. It’s so easy now to reduce our plastic single waste. I have a metal straw I carry in my purse or I just ask not to have a straw. It’s something we don’t Need but want for convince. Same with water bottles. You are paying for something you can get for free from a faucet. Just refill a reusable water bottle. My hydro flask keeps my water much colder so I prefer it. It’s small things like that, that can help make a big difference if everyone did it.


    Re: Pet peeves

    Hey Kristen,
    Hmm probably my biggest one with my husband is that he doesn't get rid of any of his empty bottles after he's done with them in the shower. They just sit there until I get annoyed enough to take them to the recycle bin! I also get annoyed when he runs out of toothpaste and takes my tube rather than looking in the closet that I stock them up! haha I guess if these are our worst struggles, we're doing pretty good!

    At work, I can't stand when people clear their nose and throat and slurp their food. Seriously, so gross! My coworker does all of this and clips his fingernails! Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyy. Do that at home!!


    Re: Pet peeves


    God, I have so many! Um, I hate when people take my stuff without telling me. You can take whatever it is you want, sure, but at least ask my permission! I hate when people go through my personal stuff. They don’t have a right to it, and yet some people still do it. I hate when I do something nice for someone that, one, I totally didn’t have to do and, two, I really went out of my way to do it, and they don’t even deign my actions with a thank you. I’m not asking for a parade or a proposal, but at least acknowledge my existence. Don’t make me feel like I did whatever it was I did for nothing. I’m not saying I do nice gestures for a reward; I’m just saying that being kind to someone when they’ve been kind to you is common courtesy, and it’s rude to do otherwise.

    I’m sure there are more, but these are the top three. I try to not let them get me down too much though. This is a really great question though!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Pet peeves

    Aloha Kristen,

    My biggest pet peeve is one that stays pretty much at work. Working at Starbucks we are constantly adding ice to drinks and what not. I can't stand when people spill ice on the counter and leave it there! The ice then melts and makes puddles all over the counters. Just pick up the ice and throw it into a sink that is usually in arms reach away! You prevent the mess and all is well lol.

    Thanks for the forum.


    Re: Pet peeves

    My biggest pet peeves is when I'm around loud chewers! And I grew up with one, my dad! Hahah, he would make the worst sounds, and I'd almost faint. But my family never seemed to be bothered by it, and then a read a scientific article that the people with the issue of getting annoyed by loud chewers might be genius, so that made me feel better.