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    When was your last date?

    created by Wanderlust618 29 days 15 hours 39 minutes ago

    Category: Arts

    When was your last date?

    Aloha CollegeNet,

    Dating can be a lot of things: fun, exciting, stressful, unique. . . When was your last date? Who was it with? What did you do? Did you have fun? Do you want to go on another date with this person?

    My last date was yesterday morning. We met for breakfast and had a really good meal and was nice talking and getting to know each other. It was with a guy I met online through Bumble. I hade fun. Hmmm I don't think I want anther date with this person but I haven't crossed them off completely lol.

    I'm excited as I have a date tonight with another guy. This one is from Tinder. He suggested this really nice restaurant so I'm looking forward to meeting him and enjoying the food. I'm hoping I like him and want to see him again but we'll see...

    Re: When was your last date?

    Hi Wanderer,

    I love how you are out there in the dating world. Have fun!

    The last real date I went on was last week. This really wonderful man took me out on a date to a nice restaurant near the waterfront. He actually payed for my Uber to get there and we had a lovely evening of dinner, chatting, and then he drove me back to my friend's place. He was such a gentleman and it was a great date! There were no kisses and he briefly held my hand once during dinner. He also opened my car door for me and got out of the car to give me a hug when dropping me off.



    Re: When was your last date?


    My last date was back in August. We went out for some drinks with a friend of ours. Unfortunately thst was when I had to break up with my SO. I'm not really interested in dating them again unfortunately.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: When was your last date?

    Good morning, Wanderer!

    I am glad to hear that you had a nice time on your date the other day. I think it was a really good idea to meet for breakfast like you did in case you didn't really hit it off. I think it would be less pressure on both of you to be honest. I am glad you had fun even if you are not sure that you would want to see him again!

    How did your date go last night with the guy you met on Tinder? I hope you had a nice time and enjoyed good conversation over a nice dinner! I am sure dating is stressful. But, it sounds like you are having a good time meeting new people so that is awesome!

    My last date was a few weeks ago. It was with someone I knew from from school so it wasn't stressful. We had been seeing each other off and on for a while.

    I can't wait to hear how last night went!

    Have a great Wednesday and good luck in today's election.


    P.S. I loved your post yesterday. You were super excited about not only your day but about life in general! I found it refreshing. I can't wait to hear about your trip to Taiwan and Thailand. I can't believe you have not seen your Mom in a year! No doubt you are super excited for the trip!

    Re: When was your last date?

    Hey there,

    I dread dating....I have not had much luck at all. My last date was in September, and although it was nice to get out, I knew pretty quickly that he wasn't the guy for me, which was fine. He was at least respectful and I was glad I at least tried to put myself out there.


    Re: When was your last date?

    Hi Wanderlust,

    Dating can be exciting, stressful, and soul eating. Sounds like your breakfast date went well! Hopefully Tinder man can incite more interest.

    As for the last time I went on a date, it was on Saturday. I picked her up from her house and we went to my place. I cooked lunch for the two of us, and we watched some Netflix. After that we went for a walk. I definitely had fun.

    I'm not sure if I want to go on another date with her because I don't feel like I can be myself.


    Re: When was your last date?

    I know what you mean about can be exhausting...but ya gotta keep trying. I hope you find your someone special soon :)

    Re: When was your last date?

    Hey Wanderlust!

    My last date was a little over a year ago. He took me to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy Movie. We watched the movie some but mostly talked through the entire thing. It was a really fun night. We ended up going out to eat after that. it was an eventful night.

    Thanks for the forum!