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    All i want for Christmas is.....

    created by teebeetoo 26 days 17 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    All i want for Christmas is.....

    Hi guys.

    As we get ready for some holidays next week, I'm starting to think about what I want for Christmas.

    I know in my family, some people used to be everyone a lot of.....well...junk, just so there would be a lot of presents under the tree, but in more recent years everyone has become more environmentally conscious, so they have started to get into buying fewer, but more meaningful gifts that will not end up in the landfill.

    This means people are more likely to ask each other what we want for Christmas, and we need to have an answer ready!

    For me, the primary thing I am concerned with right now is my financial security and my friendships. Therefore, I am asking my friends and family for gift certificates for travel, like airlines,, or Air BnB, and also Gift of College gift cards, which can be used to pay student loans.

    From my partner I'd like something a little more romantic so I am asking for a leather tote bag or a simple gold necklace. Even I have SOME wants!!

    What about you? Have you decided what you want for Christmas yet?

    Have a great day!


    Re: All i want for Christmas is.....


    All I want for Christmas is good times with my family and friends, a great trip, new fun memories and a whole beautiful year to look forward to. I joke that what I want for Christmas is a boyfriend but really I want true love. I have too much stuff already and don't want anymore things. Gift cards are always great so you can choose what you want but again I don't need more stuff- I buy myself enough things all throughout the year. Sentimental items are nice though but I don't participate in a lot of gift giving. I prefer to spend quality time and have experiences rather than ask for things. Presents are fun though not going to lie but in all honesty I don't want more things. I'll give a few gifts this year but nothing to extravagant. I try to give gifts with meaning and or that are useful and those are the types of gifts that I like to receive as well.

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Wanderer

    Re: All i want for Christmas is.....

    Hey Teebee,

    I definitely can't wait for Christmas :)

    I thought that your Christmas wish would be very useful and great.

    I want many things for Christmas but what I really want for Christmas is to spend a wonderful time with my family.

    Like @Wanderer, I also want to find true love and have been waiting for a long time to find the right one but I'll wait for God because the best things always take patience.

    I also want to have some friends because I currently don't have friends and It would really be great to have some people to invite over and spend some time with.

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!


    Re: All i want for Christmas is.....

    Hey Teebee,

    I used to get tons of stuff for Christmas, and I quickly outgrew the toys, games, and clothes, etc. I am now a little more conscious of waste, storage, and meaning. The past couple of years I have gotten money from my parents, and gift cards from my relatives. My boyfriend and I will exchange a really meaningful gift (small) and I will get each of my friends a little something consumable like food or fancy soap or something they will use and use that it either doesn't have to be stored, or only stored for a short time until it is consumed. Other gifts I like are memberships or tickets to places that I can go for a wonderful experience.

    Thanks so much for the forum. It's that time of year again where we start thinking about such things. Where did the year go, anyway?

    Have a good one,


    Re: All i want for Christmas is.....

    Thanks for all of your replies!

    It's interesting....some people say that a big difference between the current generation(s) and previous generations is that while people used to want more "stuff" current generations want to spend more on "experiences."

    I think based on my experience this is true. I have taken trips to places that I will remember forever. I love looking at photos of past travels or even nice dinners or potluck dinners that were very successful and fun. Besides my favorite pair of Frye boots or a leather jacket I really love, I can't really think of a "thing" that I have that would ever give me such fond memories.

    On that note, I've also read that department stores are having trouble contending with the realities of the current generations. It used to be that all they had to do was put something in the front of a store with a 40% off sign, and people would come in and buy it, almost as though shopping were a sport. Now, apparently there has been a shift and people really don't want to work just to make money to buy stuff that will just go in the landfill.

    It sounds like many people agree that these are overall positive changes!

    Happy almost holidays to everyone! Not sure about you guys but I knowI really look forward to a few days off!

    Re: All i want for Christmas is.....

    Hey Teebee,

    Well I would like a new phone for Christmas and do need one. My current one there is not enough space for me and the screen cracked all over (can still use it but I have cut my finger twice).

    Also I wouldn't mind some new clothes either as some of my are pretty old but I prefer to shop for them myself as my size varies so much from brand to brand.

    Overall though, as a parent, I just want to see my child happy on Christmas.I'd rather someone maybe get us something as a family to do, like gift cards to spend at Chuckie Cheese or a membership to the Childrens Hands on Museum.

    Thanks for the topic and hope your day has went well so far.


    Re: All i want for Christmas is.....

    Hey Teebee

    Will all I want for Christmas is to be alive and be able to spend it with my family and see my kids open up all there present. Because to me I get Christmas everyday I wake up and see my beautiful family. So really all I want is to be alive and put a smile on my babies face and share ever moment with them cause we have some people out here that don't have any body to spend christmas with.