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    Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    created by KH3 26 days 17 hours 46 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Hey CNET!

    It is almost Thanksgiving break!! It will be nice to get off campus and spend a few days with family and friends back at home. We celebrate Thanksgiving at my grandma's house every year. She invites our other grandparents as well so that we can all spend the day together! In total there are about 20 people for dinner that day and more food than we can possibly eat!!

    We always have turkey as part of our dinner. Honestly, it is one of my least favorite food items on the table. I take a little bit with some gravy and then load my plate with all the other delicious things! Although it is not my favorite, I think it would be strange to not have it on Thanksgiving. I know there are a lot of families that don't serve turkey.

    What is your main dish on Thanksgiving? Does there have to be turkey on the table or no?

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Hi Kyle,

    My immediate family also always serves turkey. When we go to my aunt’s house, she makes both turkey and ham. I personally do not like either. Much like you, I load my plate with cheesy potatoes, buttered rolls and jello though! When my grandpa was alive, he always made lobster and crab legs plus ham. I enjoyed going there for Thanksgiving because I love lobster and crab legs!

    I hope you and your family have a really good Thanksgiving! I bet your family is going to be excited to have you home from college!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Hi Kyle,
    Ok I have written this post twice before now but it isn’t posting hopefully it works this time.

    I think that is so awesome you get to spend Thanksgiving with your entire family. My dad is military so we have never lived by any of my other family. It has always just been my parents and siblings. I have loved moving around but I do miss that I never really got big family celebrations.

    For Thanksgiving we always have Turkey. My mom has experimented throughout the years on how to cook it. Some years it worked some it didn’t. One year she decided to cook it upside down so the juices would run to the breast meat. It was the ugliest Turkey because it didn’t go nice and golden brown all over but it still tasted really good. She has perfected it now though (no longer cooked upside down). In my opinion she makes the best Turkey around.


    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?


    My family actually cooks ham instead of turkey! We don't have anything against it but it's just always been on the table. I am really looking forward to my mom's yams though. She makes the sweetest, warmest, and most delicious yams with marshmallows on top!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Will my family always cook a turkey for thanksgiving but I think this year I'm going do it a little different with my family instead of doing a whole turkey I'm going do some turkey wings instead and a ham.

    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?


    I’m not a big fan of turkey either, I prefer ham. Luckily the family and friends house I usually spend thanksgiving with always have both turkey and ham. I usually fill my plate up with ham, Mac and cheese, greens, sweet potatoes, rolls and many other delicious items.


    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Hey Kyle,

    We always do turkey but sometime will do a ham too but usually we save ham for Christmas (if we don't decide on another meal altogether for Christmas).

    Last year my boyfriend fried the turkey which was was the first time I ever had fried turkey and it was pretty good. It just took a lot of peanut oil but the oil was able to be reused so it was worth the money to get 5 gallons of it. I still preferred it baked but some people just cannot do it and make it so dry.

    It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is so close.

    Hope you have had a great day!


    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Hi Kyle,

    I'm not a huge fan of the wholeTurkey. My family usually does.turkey wings/legs, ham, and a roast. I am looking forward to some baked mac & cheese and yams.

    - Miaja.

    Re: Turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Hi Kyle!

    We always have turkey for Thanksgiving! I like turkey. I like the dark meat better than the white meat. I realize it is not as healthy, but it also isn't as dry! I do make several trips to the food table because there is so much awesome food at Thanksgiving. I eat all day long!

    Have a good one!