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    Are Flowers Worth Buying Or A Waste Of Money?

    created by Thankful 26 days 18 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Are Flowers Worth Buying Or A Waste Of Money?

    Good Tuesday CNet Family!

    Do you think buying flowers are worth the money or a waste of money?

    My mom loves to see floral arrangements in the stores, but told us that she didn't want to receive any because it's like throwing money in the trash because they cost a lot and then die quickly and that money could go to something else useful, like food or something that'll last.

    What do you think?

    Have a blessed day!


    Re: Are Flowers Worth Buying Or A Waste Of Money?

    Good morning,
    I would agree with your mom. I love flowers and think they are so beautiful but I think it's a complete waste of money I also hate the fact that they are cut and die just for our pleasure.. I would much rather prefer a potted plant that I can continue to feed and care for.

    I often feel that way about a lot of stuff like when people buy wasteful gifts for my children. It's often a lot of plastic that ends up being played with once and sitting at the bottom of a bin after. I have asked that if family and friends want to get them gifts, get them experiences or clothes, seriously they grow out of stuff soo fast!


    Re: Are Flowers Worth Buying Or A Waste Of Money?

    My mom goes to the farmers market and buys these tropical flowers that last 2 weeks. they only cost $10 and I have to say they do look pretty. We get them from this little local lady who grows them. I do agree that to some extent buying flowers is kind of a waste of money. I can’t believe some people pay $50 for a bouquet. But the ones we buy help support this women’s income, doesn’t break the bank and look beautiful.

    I think I have only received flowers twice in my life and they really made me feel special when I did. I wouldn’t want them on a regular basis but I do think it’s a really nice gesture. It tells a person you were thinking about them and took the time out to pick flowers they would like and that you think they are special.