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    Drink Water

    created by bluebella 26 days 20 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: World

    Drink Water

    There are billboards in my city that read 'drink water' which is incredible that we seem to need this sponsored reminder. Some people don't have access to clean water, yet we do but can't seem to drink enough of it.

    How often is water the FIRST thing you drink in the morning?

    Re: Drink Water

    Hi Bella,

    The first water that I drink is in my coffee in the morning!:)

    I actually do like and often crave just plain, old water. That is especially true in times of warm weather. During the cooler months, I will drink plain (sometimes add lemon) warm/hot water, but am more likely to drink hot tea. Does it count if it is consumed in tea or coffee?

    I am actually concerned about my locally sourced water at the moment. A functioning gold mine in the area has caused some water contamination. About every six months, a pamphlet comes with the water bill and states that elevated levels of various contaminates has been found in the drinking water. Of course, "they" say that it is in trace amounts and there is nothing to fear and they are workings to correct it! Hhhmmmm? I've seen a few to many movies and read a few too many articles about the devastating effects of water contamination to believe the governments claims. And, how long of a time period is acceptable before the problem is solved? It is disconcerting to say the least.

    I hope your week is going well,


    Re: Drink Water

    Good morning!

    Isn't is sad to think that one our greatest resources, water, is not readily available to everyone, yet we take it for granted.

    I am not a coffee or soda (pop) drinker so for me, water is my go to drink. I drink it all day long. I carry a refillable cup with me so I can fill up around campus. I do a lot of exercising so I have to stay hydrated. Lately I have been feeling really sick too, so water is about all I have been able to drink. It seems to help me feel better. At home we use a Brita filer and have a filter on our refrigerator where we can fill up our cups with water. We don't like using the throwaway bottles.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Drink Water


    I drink water everyday of my life. I always drink some water in the morning and a juice. I think drinking water is very important. Water is good for the human body.


    Re: Drink Water


    I actually drink water shortly after waking up pretty regularly. It isn't always a lot, maybe about a glass but its something! I have been trying to keep track of the amount of water I get. Some days I drink a lot and others I barely remember to drink any.

    I think it is one of those things that you don't realize what you have until it is gone. We definitely do take advantage of our accessibility to clean water. It is sad really.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.