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    Do you make new year resolutions

    created by TashaKee 30 days 9 hours 19 minutes ago

    Category: Religion

    Do you make new year resolutions

    Good afternoon Everyone

    Sorry having post in a while but I been a busy mom this week trying take care of my baby boy who has asthma and with the change of this weather it’s not helping. But any way I chose this question to see if any one has made and resolution for the new year that is about to come in I know I have I want to do a lot better then 2018 and I pray that 2019 is going be my year where I will be able to get in school and get this money up to pay for school, also I hope to be living, and be surrounded with positive people and keep all the negativity out my way. I have a few more but that’s a few right now and can’t wait to see the comments from everyone

    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    Hi Tasha Kee,

    I do not make New Year’s resolutions, though I do write down an intention or what I want to get out of the year. I generally look at what I wrote down throughout the year or the following year. Sometimes, I find it randomly many years later.

    I think my New Year’s resolutions for the year 2019 is 50% of my income.



    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    good afternoon i signed up to go back to college and i am choosing a whole new major.i currently work as a teacher and my goal is to become a nurse in few years.i have three kids from age 5 to 9 and totally busy with the kids and full time job.being a single mom i am doing all i ca do to get a job with better income to take care of me and my angels.i am ready to get this journey started my help me god.

    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    for my new year resolution i like to commit to working out regularly.we all commit to go to work on time almost five times a week, make time to spend the money we earned, and everything ealse,but when it comes to taking care of ourselves we are a bit careless. i am aot careless and i like to change this habit in this upcoming year.

    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    Hey Tasha ,

    I make a list of all the things I want to do better in the new year. Along with a list if all the good I did in this year and all my accomplishments. It's easy to forget what triumphs we had in the year. I think people get too caught up in the idea of a new year and new things. When planning for the future one musy reverence the things they did to make a future possible for themselves. We as people don't give ourselves enough credit. We are always looking to be better when we have already done better.

    Thanks for the awesome Forum


    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    Hey Hey!

    Nah. I used too but then I realized “why wait?”.

    Re: Do you make new year resolutions


    No I don’t make New Years resolutions. I actually make New Years goals. I always set goals I plan to accomplish every year and I always accomplish each goal. I have three goals so far that I want to accomplish in 2019. I hope next year is good to me.


    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    Hey TashaKee!

    First I pray your son gets better, my brother sometimes has respiratory issues when the weather changes also, so I really hope he gets better.

    I do not make New Years resolutions. I have to be honest with myself knowing I'm either going to do the damn thing or not depending on what it is. I don't want to stress myself out trying to complete a resolution whether I can or can't, I'm just trying to live day by day and focus on playing ball, school and recovering from my knee surgery coming in December.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    Good morning!

    I sincerely hope your son gets better. Asthma is no joke. It can be a scary thing, particularly for younger children. I pray the change in weather doesn't impact him.

    You have admirable aspirations for the new year. You're doing great on Collegenet! I have no doubt you'll be able to pay off school easily.

    Personally, I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. I simply set different goals for each day and hope to fulfill those goals to perpetually set myself on a better path. Luckily, I am always surrounded by positive people. I had cut all the negative people out of my life and I've been doing phenomenally ever since.

    Though I don't make New Year's Resolutions, my immediate resolutions are to:

    1. Defend myself when others put me down. Out of all the kids in my school, I'm the one who gets picked on often. I'd like to start standing up for myself.

    2. Start believing in my abilities. My teachers have told me that I'm smart but I don't try hard enough. If I did, they told me I'd excel. The reason why I don't try hard enough is because I have trouble believing in my abilities. I doubt myself. If I stop doubting myself, I think I'd be better off.

    3. Reconcile with an old friend. I signed up for indoor track this year, and a friend of mine from elementary school who I haven't talked to in years signed up as well. I intend to establish a close friendship with her again. Her sister went away to college last year and that reminded me of how much I miss her.

    I hope 2019 is your year!
    Thanks for the forum!
    Have a blessed day. :)

    Re: Do you make new year resolutions


    1. Floss every day
    2. Save my $

    Re: Do you make new year resolutions


    First off I pray that your son feels better.

    No, I do not make New Years Resolutions. I have found out in the past that I dont stick with it. So I created a vision book for myself and so far it is working for me. If I can see it I can achieve it. Whatever goals I want to accomplish, places i want to travel, etc., I put it in this book.


    Re: Do you make new year resolutions

    new year's resolutions? i couldn't possibly wait a year to review & revise my trajectory.

    any time is a good time: sunday that begins on the 1st, monday that begins on the 1st, a new month, my birthday, the lunar new year, the start of a school year, the beginning of the semester... the end of the semester, the start of a new quarter of the calendar year.

    reviewing, revising, resolving.