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    Winter wear

    created by Reeh24 28 days 20 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Winter wear

    Hey everyone,

    What do you tend to wear in winter, do you like big warm coats or do you dress in layers?

    I live in northwest Illinois, so it gets below zero every year at some point, sometimes for several days, I like to be active and wear clothes that are easy to maneuver in, so I tend to wear under armor pants and shirts with jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt, usually works for me.

    How do you stay warm?


    Re: Winter wear

    Hey Max!

    I live in California, so our winter is pretty light!

    I like dressing in layers (sweater, jacket, scarf, etc.) But it's nothing compared to what you deal with.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Winter wear

    Hey Max,

    Did you have to bring up winter gear??!! I'm trying to put it out of my mind! LOL

    I live in southwest Montana. Winter basically goes from October to May. So I bundle up ,,, a whatever it takes approach and mentality!. I have and do it all ,,, layers, big coats, scarves, gloves, ear warmers and big coats. And, boots. This girl has several warm and yet stylish pairs!

    Here's to hoping for a long, warmish fall!


    Re: Winter wear

    Hi Max,

    I live in Ohio so it gets pretty cold here. I usually dress in layers because the classrooms are sometimes warm at my college, but the walk across campus is cold! I have a puffy winter coat I have already worn once this year to a soccer game! I like to stay warm!!

    Have a great week!

    Katelyn Marie

    Re: Winter wear


    In CA it never gets below anything. So the lowest it may get it like 62 degrees in the day time. Depending on where you live. More toward the water the coker it gets and also further in the mountains. So I try to layer and make outfits. I love fall so I can dress up more. In summer I barely wesr clothes. So it is nice to get to wear at least one layer. It makes me feel more in the holiday mood.

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    Re: Winter wear

    Hey Max,

    I live in Alabama so our winters aren't like someone's up north would be. It varies from year to year. My son was born in January and his 2nd birthday, we were outside and some were in shorts but every other year it wasn't as warm. His 1st birthday was cold to us.

    And well around here you do no mention "snow". People go nuts. Schools will shut down if they think there is a significant threat and it could end up doing nothing. People can't drive here though and we aren't really prepared. More often we get a lot of ice and it makes the road conditions pretty bad. Look up "alabama 2014 snowmageddon" and you will see what I'm talking about. Ever since that, they usually just close schools because they don't want it happening again. Yet it snowed much more than that back in 1993.

    Anyways my winter gear, I keep a lot of my shirts in my closet although I do get out some long sleeves. I don't really have any super heavy jackets. I have a leather one but it's not the heavy leather. Most often I wear this Dickie's jacket I have that is just thick cotton. It keeps me warm enough most of winter. And well I will sometimes wear leggings and jeans over them if it's cold enough for me.


    Re: Winter wear

    Living in New Hampshire it is constantly cold here. I am also one of those people that wear shorts in the winter time. I pretty much live in sweatshirts and shorts or leggings. I love wearing active wear, even if it is not the cutest thing to wear, its the most comfortable to wear year round.

    Re: Winter wear

    warm? sometimes i have to bring a hoodie to the library cuz of the airconditioning!

    college in the tropics means i wear shorts and flipflops... i know, i know... life is tough!

    Re: Winter wear

    Coats, boots, leggings, sweaters, scarfs, gloves and plenty of socks lol

    Re: Winter wear

    Hi Max,

    I live in Northern Ohio so I probably get similar weather as you. When it starts getting down to 10 degrees or so I will start wearing by winter work coat. It is pretty rugged and well insulated so I can work outside for a couple hours even in the negative temps, especially with my hat and gloves.

    Between 50 and 10 degrees I will wear a hoodie and maybe my winter hat if its on the lower end or windy. My hat is a little thicker than most winter hats so it works really well against wind and cold. My ears are very grateful to my hat.

    Re: Winter wear

    Hello Everyone

    My winter wear is some boots long thermal shirts and pants gloves and hats and coat to keep me nice and warm.

    Re: Winter wear

    Hey Max,
    Like you, I live in Illinois. I like to wear layers in the winter and when the below zero weather hits I like a nice cozy coat on top of all those layers!!!

    Have a good evening!!

    Thanks for the forum,

    Re: Winter wear

    Good morning!

    The winter weather in New Jersey can range from moderately cold to unbearably frigid. Thus, on some days I wear warm hoodies with a long-sleeve shirt beneath it. On other days, particularly days on which I need to be outdoors, I wear a fairly heavy coat with a warm sweater beneath it. Sometimes I do need to double up with clothing for the sake of remaining sufficiently warm.

    I regard winter as the perfect time of the year to wear comfy clothes indoors as well. My winter wardrobe consists of sweaters, which I wear around the house and at school. I also wear hoodies, which I wear after a workout or a long-distance run. Winter is the perfect season for sweatpants, too. In short, I dress the most comfortably in the winter.

    Thanks for the forum!
    Have a great day. :)