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    Voicemail or Text

    created by RaeannaC91 29 days 2 hours 33 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Voicemail or Text

    Hey C-net,

    When you call someone and they do not answer, are you more likely to leave a voicemail or text the person to call you back?

    For me I usually do not leave voicemails anymore unless it's a doctor's office or someone else that I know checks their voicemails and do not have the option to leave a text.

    Now if it's a family member or a friend, I'll usually just leave them a text telling them to call when they can. Sometimes I just try again later and not leave a voicemail or text.

    I know Im guilty of not always checking my voicemail but often people will call and not leave one anyways. 98% of my voicemails are from businesses, not family or friends.


    Re: Voicemail or Text

    I usually leave a voicemail for people, but I use my phone for work. I do the same thing when I call family just so they know why I called.

    Re: Voicemail or Text


    I rarely leave voicemails, I'll either text or call again.


    Re: Voicemail or Text


    If it is someone I know the texts frequently, I will send a text. If it is my grandparents, I will leave a voicemail. If it is a business or someone that I am not sure uses texts I will also leave a voicemail. I really don't call that many people except for businesses or doctors, so most of the time I am texting.

    Have a good one!

    Katelyn Marie

    Re: Voicemail or Text

    If someone does not answer my call, I will usually hang up and send them a text. If I am unable to text, then I will leave a voicemail.

    Thank you for the forum!

    Re: Voicemail or Text

    Hey there,
    I know that if it is just a friend of mine, I usually hang up and then shoot them a text, figuring that most people don't pick up the phone nowadays. If it's something for an appointment or a serious conversation, I will always leave a voicemail. I check mine the second I notice one was left. But it's funny that phones really aren't used as phones anymore.


    Re: Voicemail or Text

    Hey Hey!

    I never leave voicemails anymore. I usually do not even call. I just text whatever I need to say and that usually takes care of it.

    Re: Voicemail or Text

    Hey Everyone

    When call someone and they don’t answer I text them and and then I call them right back.