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    Commute or live on campus

    created by teebeetoo 33 days 4 hours 14 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Commute or live on campus

    I am wondering whether people think it's a better idea to commute or to live on campus. I have done both in my time as a student and I feel like it is a complicated question. For many people, if they went to a commuter school and could live with family and not pay rent, they wouldn't have to take out loans. However, there is a lot to be said for the experience of fully immersing yourself in the college experience and literally eating, sleeping, and breathing higher education for four years. I am not sure it's exactly the same experience. However, as someone who has also been a nontraditional aged student, I can see the value of commuting, and I especially understand the need to work full time, and I do wonder how much money I could have saved doing that and what the compromises would have been. I wonder what I would encourage my own children to do.

    What do you think?

    Re: Commute or live on campus

    You are absolutely right that this is a complicated question! I lived on campus and I don't regret my decision at all, except for the additional debt I incurred. I think that living on campus gave me the all around college experience, and I would not have gotten the most out of my time had I lived at home. I feel that living at home, although it would have saved a great deal of money, I would have had more upfront costs in terms of gas and car repairs (I didn't even have a car of my own until after my first year of college). I also would not have met as many people or had the same opportunity to be involved with various campus activities if I was living at home.

    It's a tough decision to make, but when my kids are at college age, I think I will encourage them to live on campus, as long as the truly understand the potential financial burden that comes along with it.

    Great topic! I can't wait to see what others have to say, too.


    Re: Commute or live on campus

    I did both! If I had it to do all over again I would have gone straight to a university and lived on campus for the entire duration. Doing what you suggested above and fully immersing myself in campus life for 4 years. I had several barriers that prevented this the fist time around, or at least that was how I perceived it at the time. I don't think you can beat living on campus and the experiences that can give you. I will probably encourage my children to go that route and soak it up. I don't feel like they would regret it.

    Re: Commute or live on campus


    I went to a community college right after high school while living at home and did not like it. I transferred to a school 6 hours away and lived in dorms the first year and then rented a house with friends for my last 2 years. I think moving away and living on your own is vital for everyone. It teaches you so much about yourself and really allows you to discover who you really are. You learn responsibility, discipline, and many other life skills.

    I think the best for me was to go away to school but not live on campus. Dorming and the meal plans just cost so much money! I rented a house with friends and we split the cost of utilities and paid for our own groceries. It really wasn't that expensive, especially if you take advantage of the events offered on campus with free food. Many clubs I joined would host events for their members and have free pizza at the meetings. Free food is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for college students!

    So in summary, I would recommend my children to go to community college for the first year to save money and take the core requirements but transfer to a school and live off campus. Great life experiences that teach you more about yourself than you thought you could ever learn.


    Re: Commute or live on campus

    In my experience, i attended a 4 year university that was about three hours away from my hometown. There was no way for me to commute and the perk about it was that it was still in state so i was getting a cheaper amount than out of state. I feel like i was able to be completely independent and not have to rely so much on my parents. Now i am currently getting a second degree and commuting from home ( i live with my sister). I find myself not caring to get involved and just wanting to go home right after classes. I think also cause i had that experience being in undergrad and i do not see the need for it. But if you're a first time undergraduate student i say still live on campus and get that experience cause you will only get it once in your life.



    Re: Commute or live on campus

    you don't get the full experience if you commute and you grow and become more independent when you live on your own away from home even if your home is 30 minutes away.

    Re: Commute or live on campus

    I am only a freshmen right now so I don't have a lot of experience. I currently live on campus and I really enjoy it. Living away from home has definitely forced me to be a little more independent as well. Most of the commuters I know usually go home after they finish classes for the day so they don't get as much of a chance to spend time with people around campus. I would definitely recommend trying to live on campus first, and if you don't enjoy it then choose to commute.

    Great Post!