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    Choose one

    created by animal lover 36 days 6 hours 53 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Choose one

    Hello CNET,

    Choose on scenario:

    - Infinite Knowledge

    - One super power of your choice

    I would take knowledge. I want to know everything. Even if it is a little ugly it is worth it. I know can tap into the truth of life. Down to the last molecule. Also knowing all languages from the beginning of time would be awesome as well.

    What about you ?


    Re: Choose one

    Hey Julia,

    Very interesting....hmm... I think I am going to go with a super power:..teleporting.

    I think having the ability to go anywhere would just be incredible... There are so many places I want to see and visit. Also just have the ability to see family and friends in an instance would be really cool.

    Fun forum..


    Re: Choose one


    I think knowing everything could be incredibly stressful and unbearable, I'd take the super power, which would also need to be super selective because super powers are not always a gift as much as an occasional inconvenience and liability. My super power would be like a spidey-sense, like a few seconds of foresight so you can avoid accidents.


    Re: Choose one

    Hey Julia,

    While I instantly thought as you that infinite knowledge would be nice and knowing all the languages would be cool in a way and being able to pretty much find the cure for everything, I feel that you might never truly be at rest and it could be stressful. But maybe any superpower could be stressful if people wanted to use you for your powers.

    I think I would want the power to make things happen just by thinking of it and telling it to happen. Such "Make my dirty laundry be clean" or if I had an essay and knew what I want just think of it and it write itself in seconds. It would make my life easier and I could spend more time doing things I want to do rather than having so much I have to do. Some might think this is because I'm lazy when it's really not, I just always feel I have so much to do and I don't get a lot of help.


    Re: Choose one

    @Kathy, Yeah teleporting would be convenient as you would never have to worry about using a form of transportation. Alot of gas money will be saved. Maybe make a business out of it.

    @Max , the power of knowledge soes cause stress , but thats the price one pays to know. So basically you would want to see the future. Which , is always a useful super power in most cases.

    Great Comments !

    Re: Choose one

    @Reanna, I think knowledge would relieve me off stress. Now I know everything. All tje systems , how to make unlimited money. I would never have to study. Alot of life pressure would be completely relieved. But , your superppwer is pretty dope. I would be like homework be done , painting be done. Everyrhing wpuld be done. Now I can do laundry while taking a run.

    Awesome Insight!


    Re: Choose one


    I would choose a super power. I would want to be able to teleport, so I can go anywhere at anytime. I think it would be so cool to teleport, I would never have to use any type of transportation ever again. My life would have endless amount of adventure.