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    Doctor/Hospital Wait Times

    created by RaeannaC91 77 days 5 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Doctor/Hospital Wait Times

    Hey there C-net,

    So I have not gotten on much recently with my niece's birthday this past Saturday and I stayed the night to help clean up the next day (plus give my son some extra time on the bouncy house before it was picked up).

    And well unfortunately yesterday my son started running a 102 fever that would not break. He has ran fever before and still played but he was just wanting to stay under the covers saying he was cold even though he was burning up. He also started vomiting. I wrote on here last week about a cough he had and we had to take him in. Well the medicine they gave us has not been working and it's now 2 weeks with the cough. We just chose to take him in instead of waiting for his checkup Thursday.

    We waited like an hour to go back and where we go we only went because they are usually quick. It's a longer drive but our local hospital, it might be 3-4 hours before you are even brought back. Urgent care clinics aren't too bad but they want an upfront co-pay and where we went, they don't charge it upfront. They were quick though once we were back. Even at our local one, once you are back in a room, they still take forever. I remember with my mom once to the ER and we spent the whole night there. When we walked out it, the sun was coming up so we went to Waffle House because we left to go to the hospital before we even ate dinner.

    Luckily it's not pneumonia but we have to wait on the throat swab results. They did go ahead and prescribe him more medicine since the other is not working and give him a shot. He woke up this morning feeling hot but back to acting like his normal self. I just pray he won't get sick anytime soon again.

    How are wait times where you live with the ER or urgent care? Would you go further to another hospital/clinic if it meant a shorter wait time?

    -Thank you for reading!

    Re: Doctor/Hospital Wait Times

    Aloha Raeanna,

    I do crisis shelter intakes, and as part of the process, I often have to get emergency supplies of medication through the emergency room. We go through triage, then the patient is seen by an intake nurse, and then seen by a doctor/PA/APRN. Then, we wait a couple of hours for the results/medication. Each leg of the process requires waiting, but sometimes, they are a lot faster than others (ie depending on how busy and motivated the staff is, etc.).

    All in all, they do not place a high priority on dealing with our presenting request, because the patients I bring in do not need urgent medical care. I HAVE noticed that when they want to, ER staff are able to significantly speed up the process (ie if they take a liking to us and want to reduce our wait time), or slow it down (ie if they don't take a liking to us and want to punish us with a wait). Our process has taken anywhere from 1.5 hours to 6 hours. I try to be friendly and evoke the ER staff's compassion, so that they do what they can to make everything go through faster. However, it is part of the job and I do get paid hourly, so usually I sit with a book and journal and patiently wait it out.

    I have become very familiar with certain emergency rooms in the island...


    Re: Doctor/Hospital Wait Times

    i always make the first appointment after lunch... i pretty much get in with minimal wait.

    Re: Doctor/Hospital Wait Times

    Good morning, Raeanna,

    I am sorry I missed this post yesterday. I will say some prayers for your son. I really hope yesterday's appointment, shot and medicine helps him feel better and cures what ever was ailing him. It's never fun being sick and it has to be scary when the fever is so high.

    The waits at the hospitals vary where I live. There is a really close hospital that we would only go to for non life threatening things because they were awful for my grandfather, who we believe they misdiagnosed and he ultimately ended up passing away. So, we definitely drive to ER's that are farther away because we do not trust the ER close to us for that reason, sadly. As for the wait times, it just depends. But like you said, even if we get into a waiting room right away, we can still sometimes wait as long as an hour before a doctor ever comes in to see/treat us.

    We have minute clinics in our town as well. Those are really nice and convenient for things like sinus infections, strep, pink eye etc. You can even check in from your cell phone at home then drive there. It cuts down on the time you have to sit and wait to see the nurse. This is nice especially when you are feeling miserable and frankly don't want to be sitting waiting for long periods of time and being around other people.

    Again, I hope your son is feeling better!

    Have a great day.