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    What is your major?

    created by Alexagg 80 days 3 hours 5 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What is your major?

    Hello everyone! What is everyone's majors? And what made you decide to pursue this major/career? Does it require graduate school?

    My major is Speech-language pathology! I graduated with a bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and it does require a Masters degree which is what I am pursuing now! I decided on this career path because of my 11 year old sister! She was born deaf and now has cochlear implants! She was in speech therapy from the time she was a one year old to 5 years old, and I had the privilege of watching her speech develop through the assistance of a speech therapist! My sister is now able to hear and speak like any other 11 year old!

    What about you guys?

    Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!


    Re: What is your major?

    Hi Alex!

    I am a Computer Science major! I just find computers really interesting and like to learn about them. I would like to make games one day, ones that resonate with you. I am nervous though, as not many women go into this field, but I'll work hard. I'll strive to be better than everyone else thinks I can be.

    Good forum, and have a great day everyone!

    -Milk (Shannon)

    Re: What is your major?

    Hey Alex!

    Since I was in fourth grade I've always wanted to be an Engineer. I didn't know what kind yet really until my mom signed me up for Engineering Camp one Summer. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. So now I will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Something about building and inventing things to help make our world better is just something that I wanted to be a part of. There's a lot of good that comes out of Engineering majors for me and I'm hoping I can stick with it because it's a very difficult major and I know I will have to go to graduate school.

    Have a great day!


    Re: What is your major?


    I am a nursing student. I will be graduating this december :) Yay me!!

    Have a nice night!

    Re: What is your major?

    I am majoring in Licrobiolgy specifically getting a medical lab scientist degree. My current plan is to work as a med lab scientist while i pursue a graduate degree in pharmaceuticals to develop medicine. There are so many applicable field with microbiology so that might change but I definitely will be working in a lab with all these fun microbes, pathogens, viruses and bacteria!

    Re: What is your major?


    My major is Nursing. I’m currently working on my Bsn- Rn degree. Although, I do want to continue on to get my masters degree. I want to specialize in becoming a anesthetist nurse. This is my passion and goal.


    Re: What is your major?

    Hi, Alex!
    My current major is Pre-Nursing Health Science. My goal is to achieve my BSN degree after I receive my Associates degree. I have a passion for how the human body works and I have always had a big heart.
    Great topic!
    -Marissa S.