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    What could you be really good at....

    created by bluebella 80 days 4 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What could you be really good at....

    Hey everyone,

    Happy Monday! (Or not, if today's you're least favorite day)

    I've read a few people's posts about not being too confident and it got me thinking about areas where I'm not super confident.

    I have a ton of education and practice speaking Spanish, but I'm utterly unconfident in my speech and it kills me. If I was more confident, I'd speak Spanish really well, potentially fluently.

    So, if you were more confident - what could you see yourself accomplishing?

    Re: What could you be really good at....

    Hi bluebella,

    I'm a computer science major, and while my current classes are going well, I still feel inadequate. Maybe it's because I'm a woman in a field not many women go into, or because I'm young. But we also have to consider 'Imposter Syndrome.' It's a phenomenon common among college students, where you discredit your own accomplishments and feel like your not good enough for what you're doing. They say it helps to talk about this with your peers. Just keep reminding yourself that you are good at what you do and that this feeling will go away.

    Have a good day everyone! You are good at what you do!

    -Milk (Shannon)

    Re: What could you be really good at....

    Hi Bella,

    What could I see myself accomplishing if were more confident? I would run marathons! I am not a confident athlete and I'm not sure I could train and or finish such an event. But, I have always wanted to do that very thing! I know that it is never too late to try and I could always find a training partner to help me. who knows??? Maybe???


    BTW ~ I literally laughed out loud by your comment on the produce washing post ,,, "the butt scratching guy"! I will now picture this in my mind when I buy fruit. LOL!!!!!! Bahahahaha!

    Re: What could you be really good at....

    Hey Bella,

    I love writing and its my passion. I would like to write books and ebooks but I'm just not confident enough to do so. Sometimes I wonder if my writing is as good as many authors and fear that people may not enjoy reading what I write.

    My mom have always told me that I have a gift for writing and that I'm really good but I just don't really see that. I guess it's my low self-esteem because I'm always not confident with myself and doubt myself. Since writing is my passion, I'll go for it and not let fear stop me from trying.

    I think you should try to put speaking in Spanish in practice everyday and you'll see how confident you'll be. it would be better if you have friends who are Spanish speaking because you'll will get to practice speaking it and the more you do it the more confident you'll get. I believe that you can do it and just let it come naturally.

    Thank you so much for posting and have a wonderful day!


    Re: What could you be really good at....

    I can really relate to what Milk (Shannon) is saying about feeling inadequate in their field. I'm currently in the interview process for a job and the interview could have gone so much better if I had more confidence in my abilities and knowledge. Instead I had a difficult time highlighting my strengths and the interview went well, but not fantastic. I know I could have spoken more strongly and confidently if I just had more confidence in my skills. I'm also a female going into a male dominated field, and that's a pretty big hurtle to overcome in your mind.

    I just have to remember that I know I am a strong player, and have much to offer, just as much or more than the next person.