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    Where do you find a reliable news source?

    created by jtk5857 78 days 16 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Where do you find a reliable news source?

    Good morning CNetters,

    As the elections are coming up, I want to stay on top of things. But I hear so much about fake news.

    Where do you go to find reliable news? What sources are good and which are fake?

    I read that fake news websites in the United States are fake news websites that deliberately publish fake news, but specifically target American audiences by creating or inflaming controversial topics such as the 2016 election. Most fake news websites target readers by impersonating or pretending to be real news organizations, such as the, which can lead to legitimate news organizations further spreading their message. Most notable in the media are the many websites that made completely false claims about political candidates usually focusing on Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump, as part of a larger campaign to gain viewers and ad revenue or spread disinformation. Additionally, satire websites have received criticism for not properly notifying readers that they are publishing false or satirical content, since many readers have been duped by seemingly legitimate articles.

    I honestly had never heard of fake news before the Clinton/Trump campaign and it is baffling to me.

    So, where can I go to find real, legitimate news? Are our local news stations legitimate?

    Thanks for reading.


    Re: Where do you find a reliable news source?

    Hey Jon,

    Great forum! It seems impossible nowadays to find a reliable news source. I used to stick with CNN and can't even stand watching that now, so I usually avoid politics and the news in totality. It honestly makes me depressed to see everyone against each other, to see how mean everyone is to one another and it's bad for my mindset.


    Re: Where do you find a reliable news source?

    Hey Jon,

    Like Jess, I used to watch CNN, but when it became extreme leftist, it was really hard to keep watching. A lot of news outlets have resorted to pushing extreme versions of their rhetoric, and churning out overly sensationalized news that is geared towards "outrage culture."

    The least sensationalized and biased news I have found is through NPR and the BBC. I like that both sources cover local and world news, and I like that there is not an extreme spin one way or the other. The reporting is detailed and seems accurate, and that's what I look for.

    It is hard to keep up with the news due to the trend of reporting negative stories, but I think it's important to be aware of current events. I'd rather know that not know, even if the truth is hard to bear.

    Good topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Where do you find a reliable news source?

    Hey Jon,

    My class just had discussed this issue as well. The most reliable source we came up with was like Dymphie mentioned, BBC and NPR.

    It’s sad that some media sources intentionally try to push fake or inaccurate news stories jusr for ratings and sensationalism.

    Have a good one.


    Re: Where do you find a reliable news source?

    Hey Hey!

    I agree with the two prior comments that mentioned NPR and BBC. I think it is important to note though that there is a difference between a completely fictitious story and one that is presented with a partisan slant. The ideal would be stories presented as solely factual, a to b storytelling with the facts laid bare. However, it is still factual reporting when a partisan slant is added it just has an editorial spin on it. The challenge then is to compare and contrast the story as told in one venue with another. I listen to several podcasts for news and politics and they provide different takes on the stories but the facts line up all the same in them. The opinions given are the variable. It is an important topic though as I see on Facebook all the time that people share "news" that a simple google search will verify as non factual. It is a strange kind of negligence that such a simple verification process goes ignored so often.

    Re: Where do you find a reliable news source?

    Hi! I think you have to read multiple news sources in order to get a non-biased answer. The majority of sources are biased in some way so it's beneficial to read multiple sources that have different views so you can try and get a clearer idea of a subject.

    Re: Where do you find a reliable news source?

    It's been difficult getting unbiased and reliable news. I go with several sources like pieces of the puzzle to fit one reality.

    BBC is okay but they senstanalize at times. New York times is ok, the economist also but my preference goes to PBS news our. I don't focus on only one news source but on many. As unbiased a news source can be it's a point of view. Since we're humans a point of view is biased.

    Re: Where do you find a reliable news source?

    Hi Jon!

    I am a subscriber to the Star Advertiser newspaper based in Hawaii, and they send me notifications for breaking news and wars with the federal government. I also enjoy reading local Hawaiian news, as I am praying one day to move there.

    The point of all the different variations of newscasts is for the station to get more viewers. Sometimes people forget that while this is actual live news, it is still a war with other networks to get the most viewers and be the most popular. For example, since most Americans do not approve of the president, the news stations will follow the trend and create news programs that include statements either supporting the bias, or completely opposite of the population (which runs the risk of having the least amount of viewers).

    You mentioned websites that had completely false information regarding Hillary/Trump and the election; what about those political ads we see on TV that continuously bash other politicians? I always wondered if I could believe those! Do you believe them, or have you ever checked the facts?

    @slynch - people who don't check the facts are the people who vote for Trump. LMAO :) :X

    Thanks for reading! :)