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    Do you take daily vitamins?

    created by animal lover 80 days 3 hours ago

    Category: Science

    Do you take daily vitamins?

    Hello CNET ,

    Do you take daily vitamins?

    I take multi-vitamins , B-vitamins and Iron. I am a Vegetarian so I need to keep my vitamins and minerals boosted. Especially my iron so I do not feel drowsy and depleted. I think vitamins are nessecary in our modern health needs.

    What about you ?


    Re: Do you take daily vitamins?


    I take vitamin B12 because It always comes out low when I go to the doctors office. I also take one a day women to get as much vitamins as I need to be able to function throughout the day.It gives me energy I need.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: Do you take daily vitamins?

    @Frh , Are you vegeitarian? Uaually low B12 is a sign you do not eat meat.

    Thanks for posting

    Re: Do you take daily vitamins?

    Aloha Julia,

    I have taken vitamins before on and off but recently I made a real commitment to take my vitamins every day. I know I’m supposed to take a calcium supplement and B12 and iron given my diet choices but for a long time I was out of the habit. Recently I saw advertised on Facebook a company that prepackages personalized vitamins. I thought hmmm maybe that’s what I need to really make this supplement thing a true habit. So I ordered my first month supply complete with Calcium, iron, B12, veggie omega and another supplement for cognitive function. The company Care of also has an app that you can track and earn points for taking your vitamins. I think it’s fabulous and I’ve taken my vitamins everyday since I ordered it. It’s so convenient. Especially for traveling since you can just take a packet for each day that you need. I feel like I’m staying on top of my health with taking vitamins. Having these prepackaged vitamins is really making a difference for me. No longer do I feel guilty knowing I should be taking calcium but now I actually am! My vitamins even have a daily quote, question or fact to spark some insight while nourishing my body.

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Wanderer