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    Guys with long hair and manbuns

    created by jtk5857 78 days 16 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Good morning, CNetters!

    There are a lot of guys who wear long hair on my campus. I notice even more as I travel around to other universities for soccer. Many of the players on the various teams also have long hair. During the games they pull their hair back into ponytails and "manbuns".

    It made me wonder. So my questions to you are this:

    Do you think guys should wear long hair?
    Is long hair on men acceptable in the workplace?
    Do you think guys look good with long hair?
    Would you date a guy with long hair? What if it was longer than yours?
    Man buns- Yes or No?
    Would your friends and parents accept him with long hair?

    I am curious what you think about guys sporting long hair.

    I have short hair. I tried growing it out at one time, but I looked ridiculous. It didn't work for me.

    Thanks for reading.


    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Hey Jon,

    I recently grew my hair longer. It’s not long as in to put in a ponytail or man bun but I do use a hairband to pull it away from my face when I’m running.

    My personal feeling is ponytails look better on girls. The manbun looks ok on some guys but others, well they don’t really rock it out with them.

    I am curious what the girls perspectives are on this topic though especially since I’ve been thinking of wearing my hair longer.


    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Hi Jon,

    I'm gonna say....ewww! Man buns look ridiculous, and pony tails are not much better! As a girl with long hair, it is really hard to take care of, and I often wonder why a man would do that to themselves on purpose, LOL! When your hair is long, the top may be greasy and weighed down looking, and the middle and bottom gets dry and flyaway.

    Men look better when their hair is nice and trimmed and clean and taken good care of. Just my personal opinion.....
    Long hair looks OK as long as it is not long enough for a ponytail or bun.

    So, guys, wear you hair however you want, but make sure it is clean and well trimmed.

    Thanks for letting me weigh in!


    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Hello Jon!

    I personally would prefer a guy who is clean shaven and clean cut! I think some guys can pull of a man bun and long hair but their hair has to be kept clean! I would not date a man whose hair is long though, that may sound shallow, but I am just not attracted to it I guess? As for my parents, my mother would be accepting probably but my dad and step dad would make fun of a man with long hair and/or man bun. They are a little bit more traditional people!


    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Thanks Alex and Kasey!
    I do appreciate your input, as a guy. It’s nice to know what you really do think of guys wearing long hair.


    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Hi Jon,

    I think men should be able to have their hair as long as they want. It is our society that has deemed that men must have short hair, and women long, and it's time for it to end. The notion that men should not have long hair is a toxic mentality, meant to shame them for not being "manly" enough. We as a society need to put an end to assigning a gender or gender role to everything, and just be the way we want to be.

    Have a good day everyone, embrace yourself, and how you want to be!

    -Milk (Shannon)

    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Hi Jon,

    I’m personally not against guys with long hair, but I personally don’t find it very appealing. I like my hair short, but not too short. I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out, just to be able to flip it back and forth. If I grew it out I wouldn’t rock a pony tail or man bun. To me those are the worst. One of my best friends wears a man bun, and he looks way better with shorter hair and no man bun. I tend to associate man buns with granola/hippie type people. Maybe that’s not true, but it’s hard to erase that image from my head. On the other hand guys with straight long hair don’t bother me as much. My billiards instructor has cool long hair. I think it’d be wierd if he didn’t have long hair.

    I wouldn’t deem it unacceptable in the workplace unless long hair could be a danger to the worker due to heavy machinery. I don’t have problems with guys and long hair except style problems. I wouldn’t disown or treat someone with long hair any different if they had long hair.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Honestly, my boyfriend has a manbun and i love it. I can see where it can look unruly or bad on some guys. He has super silky hair that makes it work for him— its even better than mine and my hair is pretty silky, long and black. To each their own though. His hair has always been semi-long even when it’s short because the kind of hair he has wouldn’t work with a super short cut.

    Re: Guys with long hair and manbuns

    Long hair looks cool on guys. I have a lot of male friends with long hair. What are they doing with their time? They're working as auto mechanics, studying engineering, playing soccer, violin, et cetera. There's a stereotype about guys with long hair that I don't really appreciate, the stereotype in which they're all clueless, pseudo-intellectual hippies. I understand where that stereotype originates from, but my friends are definitely the exception to it.
    I'm not a huge fan of man buns, but if a guy likes wearing them, I have no problem with that.
    My friend's boyfriend has long hair, and we both think it's awesome.
    I like your profile picture by the way, it looks really professional. :)
    Have a great day!