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    Causes for celebration

    created by Wanderlust618 80 days 20 hours 17 minutes ago

    Category: Arts

    Causes for celebration

    Aloha CollegeNET,

    It’s always great to have a reason to celebrate! Whether it’s your birthday, someone else’s or you landed an awesome new job or got into the school of your choice- you’ve got to take time to celebrate these important moments of life. The last time you celebrated, what was the reason?

    The last time I celebrated was going out to dinner for my friend’s birthday this past weekend. It was really nice! Good meal, fun times!

    Re: Causes for celebration

    The celebration may be the most underutilized tool in your box. Some view celebration as soft or slacking off like we aren’t really doing anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. A celebration is a pivotal stage in the production process because it allows us to commemorate all the good that we do.

    Re: Causes for celebration

    Hey Good morning, Wanderer,

    The last time I went out and celebrated was in June to celebrate my high school graduation. I think I am overdue, ha ha? It's been a few months!

    Later this evening I am going to surprise a friend and come home from college to visit him (along with a few others) to celebrate his birthday! He has no idea I am coming into town. I am looking forward to coming back home to see my friends so it should be a fun time!

    Have a great Saturday.


    P.S. Thanks for your viewpoint the other day on my post about having the same sex/different sex friends. I appreciate your viewpoint!

    Re: Causes for celebration

    Hello Wanderer,

    I agree that taking the time to celebrate accomplishments, no matter how big or small, is important for people to stay motivated, happy, and satisfied with an area of their lives. I also think that even a small treat can be a version of celebration that one can provide themselves without the public attention, that are more personal.

    The last time I celebrated was probably last weekend when I met up with an old co-worker at a casino. We haven't seen each other in a couple years since she left the company, and just HAD to catch up on the latest and greatest gossip, from inside and outside the company! :) It was definitely a good time, and worth celebrating our friendship even though we don't see each other every day like we used to.

    I believe that as we age, we get we accomplish more tasks and have more reason to celebrate. However, birthday celebrations tend to fade away as nobody appreciates aging. It's important to think of other times to get together that do not rely on throwing my age in my face! :)

    Thanks for reading!