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    App Store Reviews

    created by RaeannaC91 81 days 6 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    App Store Reviews

    Hey C-net and Happy Friday!

    So I have downloaded a lot of apps on the phones I have owned in the past and the one right now I have downloaded some but not many as it's only 8gb. I have owned both iPhone and now I used Samsung phones so I have experience with both and I'm familiar with both app stores.

    I have written reviews in both app stores and I sometimes will look at reviews as well. I'm actually a beta tester for Facebook and I'm not sure how often it updates in the iTunes app store but it updates like every 2 weeks in Google Play. Part of me wonder if they actually pay attention to the feedback. I know one major complaint I see about both Facebook and Messenger are them being separate apps that both are quite large. I'm sure maybe they do attempt to make them as small as possible but it can be annoying.

    I also like to use apps that can earn you gift cards or money to Paypal. Earnings usually are small. However with the apps, I do usually check out reviews but I also ask in groups I am in on Facebook. Some of the apps have negative reviews simply because people aren't earning as quick as they thought and they expect to be paid minimum wage for just having an app. It's reasons like that which make me not always believe app reviews and also a lot of apps offer incentive to leave 5 stars.

    My questions today are Do you look at app reviews before downloading or just download and see for yourself? Also are you one to leave a review on an app?


    Re: App Store Reviews


    Yeah I read the app reviews. Usually to see if it is glitchy or if it is worth it at all. I belive some of the reviews. Most of them are bogous. but I van tell when someone gives real information.

    Tech savvy forum !


    Re: App Store Reviews

    Hey Rae Rae!

    I honestly am not very good about reading reviews on anything...LOL!!!

    I typically just check something out myself or ask my friends or family if they have any experience with it.

    I can definitely see how unfair it must be when people are a bit frustrated and write a bad review for something that may totally be out of the merchants control like you said in terms of not earning money fast enough.

    How cool that you are a beta tester! ...that must put a whole different perspective on things.

    Thanks for the forum and have a good one!!


    Re: App Store Reviews

    Hey Raeanna!

    I used to use the apps where you could earn money from downloading other apps, and I personally LOVED it! This was back when I wasn't able to get a job yet, and I was desperate to make money in any way I could, haha!

    With reading reviews, I don't usually spend too much time reading them, UNLESS I have to pay for the app itself. I usually test run the app myself, and if I start to see problems, I go check the reviews if I am the only one facing them or not. I like to see things for myself before forming an opinion on an app - unless, it's completely obvious that the app is a scam!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!