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    What color are your pj's?

    created by jkowat 81 days 11 hours 57 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What color are your pj's?

    What color are your pj's for the weekend?

    Re: What color are your pj's?


    My PJs are yellow and have always been but I'm planning on buying more colors though.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    - Unique

    Re: What color are your pj's?

    Hey there,

    I typically prefer to wear oversize t-shirts to bed. However I have a bunch about P j's that I wear when I'm lounging around the house.

    In the cooler months I like to wear flannel pj's and they are usually black and red or purple and pink. In the cooler months I'll wear a lighter material with a tank top. Those usually yellow pink or blue.

    When I'm home on the weekend or a day off O love to snuggle in my pj's with a throw and read a book or watch tv.

    Thanks for the forum and have a good one!


    Re: What color are your pj's?

    My are burgundy.