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    Is technology in schools beneficial to learning?

    created by whitener2.0 82 days 6 hours 56 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Is technology in schools beneficial to learning?

    Hi! I was thinking about how everything in schools, such as tests and homework, is being moved to computers. I take EOCs, regular tests, etc. on computers instead of on paper; I don't like it. I would prefer taking tests on paper because I can write out what I'm thinking. Doing homework on the computer is okay but sometimes I would like doing it on paper. Technology is also being incorporated into daily learning, or how the teacher teaches. More powerpoint, videos, etc. are being used to teach kids. Is this beneficial or detrimental to learning?

    Re: Is technology in schools beneficial to learning?

    Hey there!

    I once read an article about how technology is starting to act as a downgrade for students. Our parents used to have to go to libraries and spend long hours there to find information for a research. They would get their information from credible sources and know where who said what and what said who. Now, students just plug in a question on Google and get an answer in seconds. Some may take information from the first link they see and not care whether it's credible or not. The students with higher academic standards may take their time to search more and look for credible sites, but instead of 5 mins they may spend up to an hour max, depending on the topic. This all may seem fantastic, BUT it doesn't teach the student the patience they need for education. They learn to get information quickly. So, layer on in high school or college,of they come across a tough course, they won't have the patience to sit down and really learn.

    So I think technology definitely has it pros and cons and it's important to remember both. I also think we should definitely use technology since we have it, but I think we should also uunderstand what it may mean in the future.