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    Current Stress Level: 1-10

    created by animal lover 83 days 4 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    Current Stress Level: 1-10


    Easy Forum !

    On a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you ?

    What do you think is causing this stress ?

    For me my stress level is like at a 1 . I have alot to do to prepare to move to my new University , but I have been taking it one step at a time. I do not let all thr thingd I have to do pile up and become an issue. I also know I have enough time to complete everything. Thus, I choose to not stress because it is going to be done either way so why not just go about it calmly.

    So how are you doing ?



    Hi Julia,

    I'm so glad that you are managing your tasks to reduce your stress. Moving to uni is stressful, and it would be even more stressful if you had to get everything frantically together at the last minute! Well done on your time management, I was not as organized when I first went to uni!

    I would rate my stress level as a 4, I had some insomnia last night due to drinking caffeine later in the day/having lots on my mind. Today is not a super stressful day but there are quite a few activities (financial meeting for school, meeting with a classmate who is leaving/helping her get to the airport/possibly going to a Trivia Night).

    I run on stressed/anxious more often than I'd like, partially because I am an anxious person, and partly because I do procrastinate from time to time and am not always as prepared as I'd like to/should be.

    Hearing about your 1 level and peace of mind inspires me to take a page out of your book and start doing more to prepare early so that I can enjoy a tranquil peace of mind during times of change and transition.


    Re: Current Stress Level: 1-10

    Hey Julia!

    Congrats on your move and new beginnings at a Uni!!! Good for you staying calm and stress free with this move. I hate moving, but my parents never seem to be stressed when they've moved only when they get movers to move because some try to milk the time by moving too slow so you pay more.

    My stress level today is a 1. It's been a pretty chill day today besides getting up later this morning then usual because I lost track of time last night and worked an hour more then I was suppose to because I have an early class today so I got to school 10 minutes late. Now Tuesday I would've told you my stress level was at an 8 because I couldn't get my essay to print out on my home computer before my morning class (thankfully I made it to school early to print it), and I had 2 test in my other classes. Crazy busy day it was.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Current Stress Level: 1-10

    @Kat, I have done that too. Caffeine at a later time really messes up yhe sleep pattern. Have you ever thought of writing your thoughts out to get them out of your head and see them on paper. I stay stress free because I keep so many list it keeps me organized. It helps me not play the same thought over and over so I will not forget.

    Also yes I am big on doing things earlier thab later. Put thr efffort in to not procrastinate. It makes life so much easier and you do thebwork so much more effeciently.

    I hope you work it out within yourself

    Thanks for posting!

    Re: Current Stress Level: 1-10

    @Thankful, I am happy you moved past your super busy day. It goes up and down throughout the week. You survived. Things happen unexpected and throw you for a loop. the power to rise above the adversity it hard to find sometimes. It sounds like despite the stress you crushed that day. Now you had a chill day.

    Thanks for the awesome comment !

    Re: Current Stress Level: 1-10

    For me I know after I get to Uni my stress levels will be ramped up. I am hoping that I am training myself to deal with stress now. So in the future I can reflect on the steps I should take to handle whatever load I have to carry.

    Would love to read more about all your lives.

    Re: Current Stress Level: 1-10

    Hello, Julia!
    I am so happy for you that you are managing your stress as well as you are! I am so proud you are managing your tasks in a very organized manner.
    As for my stress level? I guess it would depend on the day. Some days it isn't that bad, but others I am a full on 11 out of 10! I am a Senior in High School, but I am also taking two college classes. I also have a full-time job at Taco Bell! And I really don't work enough/get paid enough to pay my bills. Sometimes the stress all adds up, but not always I really try not to let it get to me. I wish I had the managing skills you did!

    Re: Current Stress Level: 1-10

    10 for sure! I have a full time job in between all my classes. I am being held in classes until I pay mu tuition and am looking for funding. I am stuck using my free time applying for scholarships but also trying to keep up with homework and studying for tests. A stressfu time for sure--but i know it will all work out . Staying positive!