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    What was the first car you ever owned?

    created by kltslp38 81 days 8 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What was the first car you ever owned?

    Hi CNet,

    What was the first car you ever owned? Mine was a Dodge Challenger, My dad paid 500 dollars for it, it had a dent in the bumper and it was a stick shift. It was a good little car for a long while. The dent didn't bother me, at least it drove!

    How about you ? What was your first car? Did you like it?

    I look forward to your responses,



    Re: What was the first car you ever owned?

    Hi Karen,

    My first and current car is a 2002 or 2001 Chevy Venture. My brother and I split the cost and we paid $600 for it. We bought it from a coworker at a grocery store we worked at, and while he's still trudging along, he has his fair number of problems. Broken sway bar, just fixed the radiator, and the front bumper is rusting away so we had to wire it back up so it would stop dragging on the road! But all in all, it's been a good first car to have, especially for the price.

    Have a good day everyone!


    Re: What was the first car you ever owned?

    Hey Karen,

    I had a pretty cool first car!!!

    It was a 1967 fire engine red mustang. My dad was/is into classic mustangs and buys and rebuilds them. So, that is how I happened to have one for my first car. It was pretty fun to "drag main" in that car. The bad part was when he told me he had gotten an offer too good to pass up and was going to sell it. After that, I took my mom's old car to college. It didn't quite have the same allure! LOL :)

    Glad to see you back on CNet,