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    Do you "troll" online?

    created by slynch8686 83 days 8 hours 37 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you "troll" online?

    Hey Hey!

    I am sure we are all familiar with "trolls". People online that love to argue, insult, degrade and just be unpleasant. I was just looking through my facebook page and it strikes me as odd how many people I know on there that I see constantly trolling one another! It is almost expected that a fight (and I mean a nasty and personal one too) will take place no matter what certain people post. So, I am curious, are any CNETTERS guilty of trolling? Anyone on here like to perster and annoy certain people, organizations etc? I currently do not have any sort of engagement in trolling. I will admit though, sometimes it is tempting to be a jerk from the safety of behind a keyboard. How about you?

    Re: Do you "troll" online?

    Hey Slynch8686!

    I am very anti-troll. I'll admit that I can get worked up by things that trolls say, but I haven't been baited into arguing with one because I know it would be a circular argument.

    I've honestly wondered what made trolls tic. As you said, it can be tempting to say whatever you want to under the guise of online anonymity. I wonder how many of these people are confrontational in person, or if they only cause dissent online.

    In real life, I like to tease my friends and give them a hard time (always mutual). I never take it too far, and it is in good fun (nothing offensive or insulting). If I've ever hurt someone's feelings, I'll apologize. I think this is different from trolling because people who troll often bridge into harassment, and the more they upset someone, the more they give them grief.

    It is interesting how many new forms of interactions are possible with the internet. I think it is sad that trolling and cyberbullying are as prevalent as they are. It must be hard to be a child/adolescent/teenager growing up in a world where the internet plays such a big role.

    Good topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Do you "troll" online?


    I haven't used social media for ages because of people who troll! It defeats the purpose of the network and makes it generally unpleasant for everyone who uses it!

    I must say that I am guilty of trolling my sister just because I enjoy torturing her! We have a funny relationship where making fun of each other and practical jokes are always expected from both of us.

    Isn't it amazing to see your friends constantly arguing with people, yet in person they are usually quiet?

    Passive aggression and introverts are the main cause for these people's behaviors. It is a safe outlet for people to act negatively with little or no consequences.

    Have you ever reported your friends for starting fights?