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    How open are you?

    created by My Name Is Jon 81 days 12 hours 9 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How open are you?

    How open are you?
    Is it good to be open? What are some qualities that makes someone open?

    I consider myself a pretty open person. I have strong values and beliefs, but I realize I’m imperfect and am wrong a lot, so I can’t be too critical of others. I used to be really set in my ways, but as the more I learned, the more I realized I don't know that much. The ocean of knowledge is far more vast than what my little brain can comprehend.

    Certain qualities I believe that make a person more open have nothing to do whether a person agrees with an idea or not. To me it’s how the person reacts to things or people they disagree with them. I think listening to someone until they are done explaining their thought constitutes openness. Also realizing you could be wrong is a strong quality to posses. I think genuine openness enstills humility. Those that are open are more aware of the situation. They are quick to hear, but slow to speak. They challenge their own beliefs, refining those that are illogical, unnecessary, or vain. I think openness has less to do with tolerance, and more to do with compassion and empathy/or sympathy. I think genuine openness is a good trait to have. There are many that say they’re open, but I’ve seen a shallow openness, one that confirms their belief but shuts down opposing beliefs for the sake of being open. Sometimes I believe we unknowingly disguise and even label our preferences as openness. I have succumb to this before, and admit it happens in my life.

    To wrap up I do believe openness is good when it is genuine, considering the lives of others.

    Thanks for reading!

    And have a great Thursday!


    Re: How open are you?


    I think I am an open person also. I love to reach out to anyone that needs my help. I never turn anyone down when they are in need. I just live simply i guess that makes me an open person to everything. I don’t judge quickly without knowing facts. If you get to know me you will feel like you have known me for years. :) that is what everyone around me says lol. I love to learn new things. I think that there is always something people should be doing to increase their knowledge. I always feel like there is always more to everything out there and I am eager to know more. So yeah i guess that makes me an open person inside and out.

    Have a great day!

    Re: How open are you?

    Aloha Jon,

    I think openness is a very good quality to possess. To be close-minded is to limit yourself and stay continually stuck in a certain belief system. I think I am a very open person and will listen to viewpoints that don’t agree with my own and am interested in taking in new knowledge that may challenge my opinions. Being open to new people and new experiences is vital to living a full life. When we are open in our hearts and minds, I believe it enables us to grow and change in positive ways as well as being compassionate to others. I agree that openness is a genuinely positive quality. Being open can be transformational.

    Qualities that make someone open revolve around a willingness to listen and understand where someone else is coming from. Being willing to try something new whether it is reading a new genre of books or a new experience like traveling to a country they have never been too. I think openness comes from being willing to step out of our own boxes, walk in someone else's shoes and get out of our comfort zone. When we can whole-heartedly embrace a new viewpoint or experience that is being open.

    - Wanderer