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    Do you care what others think?

    created by Reeh24 85 days 8 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you care what others think?

    Hey everyone,

    Do you care what others think about you? I know I shouldn't, but it drives me crazy, I worry so much about my appearance and what others think. There are girls I've liked and I thought, what if I can feel the judgment of others when I walk down the street with her, so I never talk to her. I work a lot on my body and it's for other people large in part, if nobody ever made fun of me for being fat, I wouldve never lost weight, if people dont get made fun of they dont change, and many people let a good situation go because somebody laughed at them, right?

    Do you care what others think?


    Re: Do you care what others think?

    Hey Max,

    I used to care a lot what others thought of me. I was very much stuck inside of my shell because I was afraid someone would question my clothing choice, or if I was dancing that they'd laugh at me.

    People say all the time that when you get older, you stop caring. Well I can attest to that wholeheartedly! I dress how I feel comfortable now. I dance my heart out if the opportunity presents itself. I act like a crazy person when I'm playing with my daughter, because she thinks it's the funniest thing on Earth! Since I've changed my priorities, I am so much more relaxed, and enjoy my time in life so much more.

    People in this world are quick to judge, so if we worry about what someone is going to judge us for next, we'll never truly enjoy life for what it is, and we'll miss out on so much!

    Thanks for reading.


    Re: Do you care what others think?


    I used to care a lot about what others thought about me when I was young. Especially when I was a teen in high school. I always thought i had to look perfect so nobody would make fun of me. I wanted to fit in with anyone and not be left all alone by myself. I tried so hard that by the end of senior year i didn’t ven know who I was anymore. I didn’t feel happy or feel anything. I was so busy trying to satisfy others that i forgot all about what i really wanted and needed. I just didn’t want to be alone. That was my biggest problem. Most of the people i was with were the same way. Towards my last semester, i stopped trying so hard. I just decided to be me and surprisingly that was the best decision i made. I had more friends than ever. I fit in with majority just by being myself. I got away from those who would make fun of me and call me names. I was all stress free. I think we just need time away from other to be able to realize who we really are. We shouldn’t pay attention to what others say. I know how hard it is to not care but if we want to be happy then we have to laugh it off and move on i guess.

    Now that i am older, i learned a lot from my mistakes. I am the best version of me and i love everything about myself :) i don’t pay any attention to anything anyon says because i only need approval from people i care about and people i love.

    Have a great day!