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    Are you a daredevil sometimes?

    created by My Name Is Jon 83 days 16 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Are you a daredevil sometimes?

    Are you a daredevil, into stunts, or doing insanely cool things when you get the chance? Or are you more cautious? Somethings I’d consider daredevilish are jumping from things, like cliffs and planes, riding motorized vehicles really fast or wildly doing wheelies or the like, and anything that most people wouldn’t do because they’re afraid they might get hurt.

    I am not really much of a daredevil compared to the people around me. I’ve always been cautious because I’ve never been a fan of hurting myself. I guess I’ve backed flipped off a small bridge into a river but then I’ve seen people back flip off even larger bridges from larger heights. When it comes to motorized vehicles like four wheelers or dirt bikes I’m just happy to go for the ride. A few little jumps wouldn’t be bad, but I like to stay on the ground. I’m also still debating with myself if I’ll go skydiving. I think I’m too much of a chicken at the moment, but maybe that’ll change!

    Wbu guys?


    Re: Are you a daredevil sometimes?

    Hey Jon,

    I have to admit that I am a thinker. I often over think to be honest. Because of my tendencies, I am a very cautious person. I am definitely not one who would be a daredevil. I know it's kind of boring but I can't help it. I watch other people who are so outgoing and carefree that way and see how much fun they are having. Sometimes I wish I could be the same way and experience the rushes they are having in those moments. But, my head just tells me how dangerous it is. Ugh! Why do I overthink things!?

    Anyway, have a great Wednesday and good luck in today's election!


    Re: Are you a daredevil sometimes?

    Hey Jon!

    I'm not a daredevil at all, I always play it extra safe. I'm open to doing things like zip lining that I know have safeguards, but I'm not one for random reckless behavior.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna