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    created by sincitygina 85 days 16 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: World


    Good Evening!

    As we all complete or have completed our educational goals, how do you define success?

    Does success mean having a high paying job after college? Or does it mean finding your husband/wife and having a family? Maybe a combination of both?

    I define success as using my education toward my career so I acquire a decent paying job to pay off the loans I collected!

    Let's hear what you determine successful for you!

    Re: Success

    Aloha Gina,

    I define success as meeting self-defined goals. A lot of people define success as having a family and/or working at a high-paying/high status job, but not everyone. Some people are not interested in being married or having kids. Other people do not need to have a high-paying or prestigious job in order to feel successful.

    I think goals are more meaningful when they are personal, not just cookie-cutter goals. I enjoy building on small successes and feeling validated in my ability to reach goals that I have set for myself.

    Success is best if it doesn't rely on the approval of anyone else. Self-driven success allows us to take our own individual paths and do what is meaningful for us.

    I define success as being able to define success, and then to become successful on one's terms.


    Re: Success

    Hey Gina,

    I think success is measured on goals that you set out and that you accomplished. I don't view finding a husband as success, because I believe that's mostly fate to meet your soulmate or special person. I don't think a person is unsuccessful because they haven't met the right person yet. I think if you set out to pass an exam, or get a promotion, or learn a new hobby, those are successes. Teaching a child to read....that's a success.

    I don't think it has to be major things, but I think that it's accomplishing goals you had planned out.