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    Children and video games

    created by andrear0717 84 days 55 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Children and video games

    Violent video games make teens more angry and cruel, due to lack of censorship and intense graphics. Does anyone else agree?

    Re: Children and video games


    No, I don't. When I was younger I had such sweet friends who were into Call of Duty and Battlefield. Some teens are able to differentiate reality from video games. Same goes for violent movies. Another example would be Fortnite, all I've seen from it is being able to see strangers bonding over a game. I think the only aspect that can make a teen more violent is the challenge of it, not the gruesome pictures. I've seen kids try and fight each other due to mine craft, a 7+ game that revolves around building things.

    Have a good day :)


    Re: Children and video games

    Aloha A,

    I agree that video games can make children more violent through social learning. I think the exposure to violence can make children more likely to act out in aggressive ways, like kids hitting the Bobo doll after watching another kid hit it in a video. Click here to read more about the Bobo doll study and some theories about the relationship of video games to violent acts.

    Video games can introduce kids to violent acts and even show them how to do it. Since kids are especially impressionable, I think that sometimes there is a difficulty in distinguishing between what is advisable in a game and what is advisable in real life. I think some children's brains are reshaped by their exposure to violent video games, and some children are even traumatized by what they see.


    Re: Children and video games

    Hello there,

    In my opinion, violent video games are only extremely damaging to children under 8. This is because they are still learning about life and how to behave properly, polite, and acceptable in public and at home.

    Additionally, they are learning about society as a whole, and are intently observing behavior of others, outside of their own families. News reports, music, and anything else that condones violence as a normal and regular occurrence will teach young children that it is normal and acceptable. Not only is it normal, it's a successful way to get what they want - using guns and violence.

    Children this young also cannot distinguish between fact and fantasy, and actually believe the violence displayed is authentic, which may cause them to put up a guard in case they are ever confronted with this behavior by imitating it. If anyone believes this to be false, they should ask themselves, does the child still believe in flying reindeer and fat men in red going into fireplaces? What about a tiny fairy that pays children for their teeth? Children believe in these things until they are around 8; sometimes younger sometimes older.

    The point is, children under 8 are still thinking about unicorns and coloring books. They use play as a way to gather information and learn about the world, and with their imaginations they can create anything. Do we really want them to include guns and violence in their pretending stages where they are learning about life and society?

    Thanks for reading!

    Re: Children and video games


    I think that violent video games can desensitize children and teenagers to what violence is and therefore make them appear more cruel and/or angry! Video games in general are also taking so much time away from children that they are missing out on social situations creating children and teenagers who don't know how to interact socially with their peers. This area has been researched more recently and is something that parents should consider before placing their children in front of not just video games but other electronics as well. I think there should be a limit on screen time for anyone!

    Thanks for the interesting post!